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Three Mistakes That Prevent Employee Engagement

As an human resources leader, you know that employee engagement is an force that invisibly drives the success of your company. And for an organization desiring long term success, employee engagement needs to become more than just an HR buzz word. It must become integral and natural to the way you run your business.

At Abenity we provide engagement solutions through employee perks and discount programs. As we’ve worked with dozens of companies across the U.S. there’s one key thing we’ve learned: Merely having a fancy system in place isn’t enough to engage your employees; engagement only truly happens when communication is both personal and intentional.

Voluntary benefits, such as employee discount programs, can aid in our quest towards quality employee engagement. However, these 3 simple mistakes can often get in our way and prevent engagement from happening:

Mistake #1: Failure To Focus On The Positive

In the wake of the economic downturn of the last few years many companies struggled to maintain consistent positive interaction with their staff. In the midst of layoffs, pay cuts, and cutbacks, there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of good news emerging from the HR department. However, your voluntary benefit programs can provide that positive conversation topic with which to begin re-engaging employees. Naturally employee engagement cannot happen solely through perks and benefits, but it’s a good and safe place to begin, especially if you’re starting from scratch. If you fail to engage on this level you’re missing out one of the best opportunities to provide positive communication with employees.

Mistake #2: Leaving Employees Confused About Their Options

The complexities of everything from life insurance to retirement plan investing leaves many employees confused, and too many companies fail to effectively educate on these subjects. But one of the most practical ways to increase employee satisfaction and loyalty is through purposeful communication around your benefit opportunities. When your staff understands their choices they will be able to make more informed decisions and, as a result, appreciate the value of the benefits being offered.

Something we emphasize to Abenity Discount Program clients is that membership affords employees over $4,500 in available savings from thousands of retailers both locally and nationally. Employees must understand that in addition to their salary and health benefits they also have access to $4,500 in consumer savings through their employer. That’s an amazing statistic for an employer’s total compensation report as well as a powerful employee motivator! Determine a total compensation number by tallying up your entire benefits package to underscore the value of being employed at your organization.

Mistake #3: Missing Out On Communication Opportunities

In the past a simple leaflet passed out during an employee’s introduction program was thought to be a sufficient communication of employee benefits. However as technology has developed and grown, the landscape of benefit communication has changed drastically. It’s important to leverage all of your available resources, through printed flyers in the break-room, handouts, accessible intranet links, important email updates and when possible social media updates. And, don’t be afraid to look to your vendors to provide help in effectively communicating benefits. For example, for our clients, Abenity sends out weekly and monthly newsletters to employees to make sure they’re aware of new discount offers, and we’re always happy to create personalized marketing efforts for our clients in the name of increased engagement.

Employee Engagement – Share The News

Human Resources sits in the unique position as being the cheerleader for the employee. While motivation can come from many different avenues, the use of voluntary benefits is too often overlooked as an engagement tool. So take this opportunity to share some great news with your employees about their benefits program. As a result, your value as an employer can only increase!


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