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5 Steps to Launch Your Perks with Abenity

So, you’re ready to start your perks program with Abenity . . . now what?

As soon as you’ve signed up your group, you’ll be navigated through an easy 2-step program customization process and an Abenity Marketing Director will contact you to schedule a 30-minute launch call. By the end of this call, we’ll have everything we need to launch your program in just 5 easy steps.


STEP 1: Select Your Branding Options
How would you like to personalize your program?

  • Upload Your Logo (adds branding to your perks website, app icons, eTickets, and coupons)
  • Branded Newsletter (features your logo and choice of “from” name and email address)
  • Create a Custom Category
  • Design Membership Cards
  • Add a Custom Homepage Banner
  • Personalize Your Welcome Email
  • Select a Branded or Vanity Domain Name

Depending on your subscription level, some of these items are included and some are a la carte. If you’d like to learn more about these branding options, simply email sales@abenity.com.


STEP 2: Integrate Your Existing Discounts
Do you have any existing discounts or benefits to feature within your perks program?

If so, simply load them through the Abenity Back Office or sign up for our Managed PLUS plan and we’ll do it for you! Additionally, your vendors may register themselves with our custom vendor registration page (view sample at http://demo.abenity.com/vendorregistration)

To load your own offers, log in to http://backoffice.abenity.com then select:

Perks & Discounts > Manage Your Offers > Go To Provider Admin

From here, enter the info about each vendor and their offer(s). Need help? Watch our “How To” Load Discounts video.

2 down, 3 to go!


STEP 3: Restrict Offers That Conflict
Are there any types of offers that pose a problem for your organization (i.e., they’re competitive with your business or violate previous agreements you have in place)?

If so, you have the ability to turn off their categories and subcategories. To restrict offers, log in to http://backoffice.abenity.com then select:

My Account > Content Restrictions > Offer Restrictions

From here, uncheck any category and/or subcategory that you no longer wish to be offered.

Simple, right!?


STEP 4: Select Your Registration Method
Whether you want to add your members/employees or you want them to register on their own, we’ve got you covered.

Open / Voluntary Registration
•  Register with any email address (Most Accessible)
•  Restrict access with a static registration code (Very Accessible)
•  Restrict registrations by email domain (Very Private)
•  Issue member cards with variable registration codes (Most Private)

Closed / Pre-Registration
•  Preload members with the Member Import option in the Back Office
•  Access our API to Implement Single Sign On (SSO) from your site

To select your registration method, log in to http://backoffice.abenity.com then select:

My Account > Registration Method > Choose Registration Method

Almost there!


STEP 5: Prepare Your Marketing Materials
We know that promoting your perks program is a very small part of your job so we try to make the marketing side of things as easy as possible.

In your Back Office, you’ll have access to our Marketing Gallery where you’ll find email announcement templates, flyers, and additional resources. All you have to do is think through how you want to promote the program and utilize the resources we’ve provided.

Here’s how we recommend you promote your perks:

•  Intranet Posting: copy and paste our web snippet into your website or intranet.
•  Email Announcement: use our email template to announce your perks program.
•  New Hire Kits: download and post your custom flyer around the office and in new hire kits (order our Flipbooks for a smaller marketing piece).
•  Quarterly Email Updates: send quarterly emails to your group to update them on their perks.

And you’re launched!



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