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Abenity 101 is your resource to help you get the most out of your Abenity discount program. Whether you’re just getting started with us, or you’re a savvy consumer wanting to take saving with Abenity to an expert level, these how-to features will get you on your way.

Members: If you’re a discount program member, check out our Members section for helpful tips and program shortcuts that will save you time (and money).

Clients: If you’re an Abenity client, please view our Clients section for a wealth of information and knowledge that will help your organization take advantage of all the tools Abenity has to offer.

For Members

Getting Started | Next Steps | Intermediate | Expert

Getting Started

Watch the New Member Welcome Video: This short two minute welcome video will give you the brief overview of logging in and using your discount program for the first time.

Subscribe to the Tuesday Feature: The Tuesday Feature highlights our favorite discount of the week and other limited time offers. Subscribe now.

View the Latest Discounts in Fresh Offers: Any new discount added to your program is listed as a Fresh Offer and will be displayed on your discount program homepage when you log in.

Next Steps

Subscribe to the Abenity Spotlight: The Spotlight is a monthly newsletter we send to all members that highlights new discount offers, featured vendors, relevant seasonal discounts. Learn how to manage your preferences for the Spotlight email. A Spotlight Email archive is also available.

‘Like’ Abenity on Facebook: Learn how we’re using Facebook to announce new limited time discounts, unveil exclusive contests and giveaways, and offer a place to interact with other Abenity members.


Abenity Deals: Learn about Abenity Deals, non-exclusive listings within the Abenity program that are so good we couldn’t pass up telling you about them.

Abenity Recommendations: How do you sift through [offers] discounts and find the ones that will save you the most money? The Abenity Recommendations feature can help you get started.

Access Mobile Coupons: Have a web enabled mobile phone? Access discounts and coupons right on your mobile device through Abenity.

Fresh Offers Listings: Keep your eye on the Fresh Offers section in your discount program which will list the newest discounts available to you.

Local Offers Feature: The Local Offers feature makes it easy to find discounts close to home. The green Local Offers icon indicates an offer is located within a radius of 20 miles from your current location.


Local Offer Mapping: Each local offer within Abenity includes an address link integrated with Google Maps so that you can quickly determine how far away it is and route directions.

Set-up Vendor Alerts: Learn how to set-up vendor alerts for your favorite offers and retailers so that you never miss the announcement of an important new discount.

For Clients

Getting Started | Perks & Discounts | Rewards & Recognition | Employee Wellness |Member Engagement | Benefits Services | Back Office Administration

Getting Started

Watch the New Member Welcome Video: This short two minute welcome video will give you the brief overview of logging in and using your discount program for the first time.

Perks & Discounts

Add A Custom Homepage Banner To Your Discount Program: Further personalize your discount program with a custom designed homepage banner promoting your organization. A custom banner on your homepage integrates your brand even deeper into your program and offers a personalized touch for your members.

Add Discounts To Your Program With My Discount Listings: Abenity clients can integrate their own offers into their discount program, enabling them to provide their members with all of their discounts in one central location.

Branded Vendor Registration Page: Abenity allows client organizations to easily add their own vendors to their discount program through a registration page that is branded for their group, allowing the vendor to register their own discount offer, taking the resources required to load offers off your plate.

Personalize Your Welcome Email: Personalize the Welcome Email that is sent to new members when they join your discount program with your own custom graphics and text.

Purchasing Power – Program Add-on: Abenity offers the popular Purchasing Power program as an add-on as a means to offer employees a way to purchase brand name products through payroll deduction.

Recommendations – Business Resources: Abenity offers a Business Resources category to help your company save money on everything from gifts to wireless plans.

Remove Conflicting Offers: Abenity makes it easy for you to remove pre-loaded discount offers that present a conflict of interest for your organization.

Rewards & Recognition

Loyalty & Recognition Resources: Keeping your employees motivated and energized is made simple with Abenity’s loyalty and recognition resources. We’ve equipped you with the tools you need to reach out and recognize the people who make your organization successful.

Employee Wellness

Health & Wellness Resources: A healthy workforce is a productive workforce and our resources will keep your members active and healthy, touching on all four points of total wellness: physical, financial, emotional and social.

Member Engagement

Abenity Email & Survey Center: The Abenity Email Center enables you to communicate directly with your group through our state of the art custom email application.

Back Office Marketing Gallery: We’ve compiled every resource you need to boost engagement within your program in the Marketing Gallery of your Abenity Back Office.

How To Batch Upload Members To Your Program: Abenity supports batch processing of member profiles, allowing program administers to upload a CSV (Comma Separated Value) formatted file of their members to increase member engagement.

Membership Cards & Custom Products: Remind your members of the access they have to your Abenity program with our custom products, including branded membership cards, wall clings and more.

Monthly Abenity Spotlight Email: The Abenity Spotlight Email is a monthly newsletter we send to members that highlights new discount offers, featured vendors, relevant seasonal discounts and information on how to make the most out of your Abenity membership.

Benefits Services

Voluntary Benefits Enrollment & Administration: Voluntary benefits play an important role in the welfare of employees and association members and the Abenity Benefits Center will help make the product selection, enrollment, education and administration of your benefits simple.

Back Office Administration

Back Office Reporting Tools: Your Abenity Back Office includes a number of tools that will help you manage and track engagement within your program.

Client Customization Options for Abenity Programs: Abenity offers many customization options for our clients within our programs including custom branded portals and emails, branded membership cards, hosted domain options, and more. We help you manage and track engagement to keep your brand front and center so that you are always viewed as the valued provider.

How-To Export Member Information from Abenity: Download a file to view your program members and filter by registration date, city, state, postal code and more.

Monitor Engagement With Your Monthly Performance Report: Each month Client Administrators are emailed a Performance Report to show you how your members are interacting with your Abenity program and give an idea of how you can tweak your marketing and engagement efforts going forward.

Remote Login Feature for One Click Access to Abenity: Abenity discount programs support a feature called remote login that allows your members to access your program directly from your organization’s website.

Vanity URLs: Abenity offers several vanity URLs which will allow you to present your program to your employees or members under your own brand name. Our vanity URLs will help you engage your group in a more direct and specific way.

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