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What Makes Abenity’s Employee Perks & Benefits Program Different?

Abenity Employee Perks & Benefits Program - Your Perks DepartmentIn the realm of employee perks and benefits programs, Abenity is “Bringing It All Together” by becoming your own virtual Perks Department. We provide clients with a single online platform that offers a complete suite of benefits, including thousands of local and national Perks & Employee Discounts, concierge services, and Wellness Rewards.

We do all of this by providing our clients with a cutting edge technology solution. Our purpose as an employee perks program provider is to give you a cost-effective, flexible, efficient, and intuitive online platform that places complete control and administration over your employee benefits package at your fingertips. In doing so we hope to enable you to increase your employee engagement and connect with your employees on a higher, more consistent level.

If you’re an Abenity employee perks program client already, you’re hopefully familiar with our core tools and what makes us stand apart from other providers in our industry. We focus on perfecting our software to serve six main areas. Are you taking advantage of all six of these functionality differentiators? If not, reach out to your Abenity Client Executive to learn how Abenity can help your team be more efficient in these categories.

If you’re not an Abenity client, we’d love to show you how we can help your organization, and how Abenity stands apart with these six key functionality differentiators:

Abenity’s Employee Perks and Benefits Program Functionality Differentiators

Our core services are divided into the following 6 categories:

  1. Perks & Discounts: Over 100,000 local and national discounts in 2,300 cities. Watch The Video
  2. Employee Wellness: Healthy tips, healthy resources, expert videos, and a virtual wellness coach. Take A Look
  3. Rewards & Recognition: An integrated recognition store, Hallmark gift cards, automated recognition emails. Learn More
  4. Member Engagement: Customization, custom branding, and personalization built into every aspect of your program. Customize Your Program
  5. Benefits Services: Access to exclusive products, multiple enrollment options, call center services, consolidated billing, and plan administration. More Information
  6. Back Office Administration: A complete command center to power your program, manage updates, and communicate benefits to your team. More Information

In each of these areas our services and functionality go above and beyond a typical discount program, and we would love to show you how!


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