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Press Release: Abenity Lends A Helping Hand On The Heels Of 170% Annual Growth

Extends World Vision Partnership in Support of Humanitarian Relief

NASHVILLE, Tennessee – January 3, 2011 – Nashville based discount program provider Abenity (www.abenity.com) experienced 170% growth during 2010 thanks to significant membership gains and the addition of several key clients including the Vanderbilt Alumni Association, U.S. Bank, SCI and Kmart Pharmacy.

Keeping in the vein of the season of giving, Abenity celebrated the stellar year by giving back to their charity of choice, third-world humanitarian organization World Vision.

“We have partnered with World Vision for several years now, supporting their efforts to fight poverty and injustice around the globe,” said Abenity President and CEO Brian Roland. “Ultimately we want to be a company that consistently reaches outward to help our neighbors.”

Abenity now sponsors 50 children in Senegal Africa through World Vision. The child sponsorship program provides children in need with access to clean water, nutritious food, healthcare and education throughout their childhood. Year-end donations by the company also provided 2 safe homes for orphaned children, made available 25 small business loans for women and contributed to the World Vision Maximum Impact Fund.

“The challenging economic climate of the last couple years has demonstrated what an important responsibility we have at Abenity,” said Roland. “Day to day we strive to provide our members with resources that help them better manage their personal finances. And it’s because of the loyalty of our clients that we are able to lend a helping hand outside our borders to people in dire need through organizations like World Vision. We’re in a unique position that allows us to truly serve in ways that have far reaching impact.”

Abenity is grateful for the ongoing support of their clients that has transformed the company into the most compelling provider of member and employee discount programs. With more than 230,000 members nationwide and over 100 client organizations, the stage is set for continued growth in 2011. To that end Abenity vows to continue their efforts to give back to communities both locally and abroad and serve as a model for organizations that strive to impact the world for good.

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