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Find Local Offers in Your Neighborhood


Your discount program makes it easy to find discount offers that are in your neighborhood. With our Local Offers feature you can quickly access savings across town, or across the street!

Find Offers In Your Area

Local Offer IconTo get started, go to the top navigation bar in your discount program and select the black Location Pin, directly to the right of the Search bar.

Clicking the Location Pin will pull down this location menu below.

In the example above, this member’s profile is currently set to display offers within 40 miles of Nashville, Tennessee. As the member browses the discount program, discount offers that are located within this radius will display, and local offers outside of this area will be hidden.

Click the green View Nearby Offers button to jump to a list of all offers near you using your current location settings.

[inlinequotetip quote=”National Offers – that is, offers that can be redeemed online, or offers for major brand name stores located throughout the country – will continue to display regardless of your ‘local’ settings.”]

Update Your Location Settings

You can update your personal location settings on-the-fly using the Location menu. Here’s how to do it:

First, enter your current local zip code, or choose a major metropolitan area from the drop-down list.

If you’re out and about, or traveling and don’t know the zip code, use the Access My Location button to use your smartphone or computer’s GPS information to determine your current zip code.

[inlinequotetip quote=”You may need to accept a message from your phone or computer browser to ‘Share Your Location’ to utilize this feature.”]

After you have made your selections, click the green Update Location button.

Selecting the ‘Make This My Default Location’ checkbox will permanently change your zip code settings in your member profile.



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