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Abenity vs. The Other “A” Provider: Mobile Access Makes It Easier To Buy Tickets On Your Phone

You’ve been hearing us talk a lot about Responsive Web Design, and mobile access, and browser based apps, over the past year. If you’re not one of those web-heads who’s constantly monitoring new tech developments (like a few of the folks on our team), then it probably all sounds like gibberish to you.

So what does Abenity being the most technologically advanced employee perks program really mean for your members?

Here’s an excellent example of how we’re continuing to provide our clients and members with the best program experience by employing the newest technology.

Accessibility: Available Anytime, Anywhere

We recently launched the new Abenity Discount Program which officially makes the entire Abenity experience seamless and 100% mobile compatible, including our online ticketing store. Abenity is the only full service employee discount program provider that has its own built-in store for purchasing discounted movie, theme park, and attraction tickets.

That means if one of your members is at home planning an upcoming family vacation, they could easily pop onto their smartphone, log into their discount program, and purchase Six Flags Theme Park tickets right in their living room (or kitchen, or garage, or car for that matter). The purchase happens in seconds, they never have to leave your discount program, and our electronic tickets are emailed and available for them to use within minutes.

Are you thinking, “Sounds nice, but isn’t that the same process every discount platform provides?” If so, take a look at this quick case study which underscores the uniqueness and strength of your Abenity Discount Program for your members when it comes to user accessibility and mobile ticket delivery.

What Happens When Mobile Isn’t Supported?

Take, for example, the largest leisure travel organization in North America. You know them by a three-letter acronym that begins and ends with “A”. They also offer a discount program for their 51 million members, except buying tickets isn’t nearly as easy, or in many cases, even possible for their members.

This warning on the right is what their members receive when they try to purchase tickets on their phone: “At this time tickets are unavailable from a mobile device, please try again from a Desktop Computer with Adobe® Flash Player installed.”

Two painful hurdles right there:
1) The member has to use a desktop computer, and 2) The computer has to have Flash installed, an additional program, just to access their store.

Oh, and did I mention that we discovered in our price comparison study, that their members are paying $5 – $11 MORE than what Abenity members pay for the exact same Six Flags tickets?

A Convenient Mobile Shopping Experience

At Abenity we want to make saving money as fun and pain-less as possible.

It should go without saying that with our browser based web-app you don’t have to install any additional software to access the Abenity Discount Program. And of course you can make purchases on any device, including an iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or any other device with a web browser.

We are passionate about group perks and it’s our mission to see “Perks and Benefits Made Simple,” which, in this case means easy mobile access with no app downloads required.

So, how easy is it to order tickets through Abenity? Our members can purchase tickets on ANY device with the following three steps:



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