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Our New Mobile-Ready Tuesday Feature Layout

Many of your members are subscribed to our weekly Tuesday Feature newsletter where we highlight a new discount offer each week. In keeping with our focus this summer of offering the Abenity Discount Program as a completely mobile-friendly experience, we are pleased to announce a new layout for the Tuesday Feature.

Among other things the new Tuesday Feature layout includes:

  • A redesigned header highlighting client-specific logos for customers who have opted into a branded email experience and quick “Login” access.
  • A cleaner, more streamlined presentation focusing on engaging graphics and brief copy.
  • Mobile ready responsive design for iPhone users and other devices that accept RWD coding. When viewed on a mobile-compatible device the layout simplifies, font sizes and images are manipulated, and button sizes increase for easy navigation on a phone.

Below is a preview of the new email design. Your members can subscribe to the Tuesday Feature in their Abenity Discount Program on the My Profile page. View a full version online here.

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