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Abenity’s Accomplishments and Challenges

Nashville Best In Business AwardsAbenity has been nominated for the Nashville Business Journal’s 2012 Best in Business Awards. Nashville Business Journal asked us about our company history, recent accomplishments and challenges as a part of the awards process, and it gave us the opportunity to look back on lessons learned over the last six years. We’re sharing some of those answers with you in hopes that you’ll enjoy this new perspective into Abenity.

[section text=”What Have Been Abenity’s Recent Accomplishments?”]
2011 was a standout year for Abenity. In the last twelve months we began registering more than 600 new members each day and was recognized by Alexa.com as one of the top 100,000 most popular websites in the world. We expanded our client base to a number of large national corporations that rely on Abenity to manage their discount programs, including US Bank, HCA Healthcare, and Virgin America.

We also launched Abenity Agency, that allows benefit brokers and other third parties to provide the Abenity discount platform as part of their portfolio of products and services. Abenity also debuted their new Small Business employee discount program – a discount program packaged tailored for companies with less than 150 employees that allows easy entry into the world of employee perks, costing just $99 / month. We were also excited to launch our new Birthday and Anniversary Recognition emails, which are date-based trigger emails automatically sent to employees on their birthday or company anniversary; an unique and easy-to-implement recognition tool that ensures you’ll never miss an important employee date again.

Abenity always strives to maximize member savings throughout the year, and our new partnership with Sam’s Club helped members save over $26,000 during August’s back-to-school promotion and helped Sam’s Club grow by over 2,200 new memberships.

At the end of the day, we’re most excited about how our business allows us to give back to the community, both at home and abroad. In 2011 we grew the number of children we sponsor through the non-profit aid organization World Vision to nearly 70 kids and their families in the African country of Senegal. Earlier in the year, CEO Brian Roland was invited to spend the evening dining at the home of Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam at a special event with Rich Stearns, the CEO of World Vision.

[section text=”What Have Been Some Challenges Abenity Has Had To Overcome?”]
Abenity was founded as a virtual business with CEO Brian Roland managing primary operations in Nashville, TN, while brother Mark Roland handled development in Orange County, California. Since 2005, the staff has grown, with a number of employees living in the Nashville area, but the company has stayed true to its virtual nature by employing staff members in a variety of cities including Washington, D.C., Orlando, Raleigh and Birmingham. This decentralized structure has given rise to a number of communication and operational hurdles that company leaders needed to address intentionally so that our growth was not slowed. Through weekly management team video chats, monthly staff conference calls, and the reliance on cloud-based organizational and project management software, we’ve created a formula at Abenity that enables our team members to efficiently manage every nuance of company operations from anywhere in the country.

In 2010 we acquired a Fortune 500 bank as a new discount program client, which required us to meet stringent security assessments that are not typically required of a service in the employee discounts category. Abenity took this opportunity to ensure that the discount program platform surpassed all requested security needs so that any financial institution or government organization in the world could utilize our service and know that member data is protected. Our physical servers are protected from intrusion using state of the art security systems, our network is protected from the outside by best-in-industry firewalls, and members are protected through strong privacy policies that prohibit unauthorized disclosure of information. Additionally, Abenity undergoes an annual security audit and penetration test by one of the nation’s top IT and network security and auditing firms to ensure that our protective measures are always up to date.

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