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Abenity’s Lessons Learned and Keys To Success

Nashville Best In Business AwardsAbenity has been nominated for the Nashville Business Journal’s 2012 Best in Business Awards. Nashville Business Journal asked us about our company history, recent accomplishments and challenges as a part of the awards process, and it gave us the opportunity to look back on lessons learned over the last six years. We’re sharing some of those answers with you in hopes that you’ll enjoy this new perspective into Abenity.

[section text=”What Lessons Have You Learned Since The Inception Of The Company?”]
We have learned that in our market, serving as an outsourced technology solution for client organizations, that there are a number of variables that we can compete on, but the one that sets Abenity apart the most is our outstanding customer service. From the outset, Abenity has desired to be the best online employee discount program available in terms of high quality service, customization options and technological integration. And while other solutions may be cheaper, Abenity clients desire high-touch service and customization; an attribute that cannot be easily achieved by our competitors, and comes as a result of having built our product in-house from the ground up.

As Abenity has grown, the opportunities to partner with other services and companies have increased. We have learned that there is great importance in discernment when approaching a new partnership, and that even the most minute details must be fully fleshed out before moving ahead. There is a time to act quickly in business, but those times should primarily be for responding to market and client needs; not in relinquishing control and ownership of the company in return for a quick injection of capital. The decision to grow slow and build methodically has been our greatest asset, and has laid the foundation for a privately-held company that can grow quickly and exponentially in coming years.

[section text=”What Are The Keys To Abenity’s Success?”]
The single key ingredient to our success is simply listening to our client’s needs, finding a way to say yes to meet their needs, and always innovating to increase the number of resources available within our program.

[section text=”What Community Activities Is Abenity Involved In?”]
Our greatest joy is our ability give back to our community. Abenity sponsors a child through non-profit aid organization World Vision with every new Basic or Managed level client that begins using our program. In 2011 we grew the number of children we are sponsoring through World Vision to include nearly 70 kids and their families in Senegal Africa. And in response to the massive earthquake that struck Japan in early 2011, we instituted a matching campaign with our members that raised nearly $11,000 in support of relief for the island country.

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