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Abenity’s Strategic Approach to Mobile Accessibility

Abenity’s strategy for serving up perks content on mobile devices has always been focused on our members and the devices our members use to access their perks.

When we look back over our last 2 Million user sessions in the Abenity Perks Program, we see that 22% of our members are accessing Abenity on a mobile device. Over 60% of these are using an Apple iPhone or iPad.

Upon seeing numbers like that, one might immediately jump to the conclusion of the need for an iPhone app. But we approach these statistics differently. We don’t want to serve just 22% of our members, or just 13% that use Apple devices.

Our goal is to serve 100% of our members.

[postquote quote=”We don’t want to serve just 22% of our members, or just 13% that use Apple devices. Our goal is to serve 100% of our members.”]

It’s this goal that led us to fully redesign our perks platform in June 2014 with a fully mobile-compatible site using Responsive Web Design (RWD). RWD is an approach to design aimed at creating websites that provide an optimal viewing experience — easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices, from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones.

In short, RWD allows us to consistently and efficiently serve perks content to all devices in the web browser with an extremely intuitive design and browsing experience.

Abenity’s Mobile Developments To Date

Abenity has always been forward thinking about mobile accessibility. It was this vision that has led us through a number of key developments over the last two years:

• In January 2013 we rolled out a mobile accessible version of the Abenity Store using Responsive Web Design (RWD) so that members could purchase tickets and gift certificates easily from any smartphone.

• In June 2013 we introduced a mobile-compatible version of the perks program and branded app icons which made it easy for members to log in on mobile devices and navigate the program with an easy “pull-out” menu.

• In July 2013 we began to roll out mobile-friendly member newsletters that made it easy to communicate new perks to members reading email on smartphones and tablets.

• In June 2014 we rolled out the new Abenity Perks Program featuring a completely redesigned interface, mobile-friendly redemption options, and a responsive layout that works on all devices and browsers.

• In August 2014 we debuted a redesigned app icon for iPhone and Android users that allows members to save a client-branded bookmark to their perks program on their phone’s homepage.

What’s Next In Mobile?

After the finalization of our redesigned program in June 2014, we began to implement new features and enhancements around our platform.

One of these planned enhancements is a native iPhone application. Because Apple devices represent a significant share of our mobile users, we want to ensure the Abenity experience is tailored to the unique technology and capabilities of the iPhone. We plan for this to be available to our members by Q2 2014.

The mobile landscape continues to rapidly change. But Abenity is a technology company that is directly producing 100% of its software and content in-house. This unique advantage alone sets us apart from every other perks provider in our industry.

As technology evolves around us, Abenity will continue to set the pace and find new and interesting ways to leverage that technology to serve up perks & discounts.



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