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How To Add New Vendors To Your Abenity Employee Discount Program

Abenity Employee Discount Program Branded Vendor Registration PageAbenity has fully automated the process to onboard new vendors into our member and employee discount programs. We’ve given each of our clients their own private vendor registration page so they can quickly and easily provide local merchants a way to offer a discount to their employees.

We are always looking to increase the availability of high-value discounts in the areas where where our clients are based, so we don’t charge listing fees to local vendors. This gives you the freedom to approach merchants in your area and request new discounts with the assurance that there will be no strings attached.

Abenity Employee Discount Program Offer Criteria

To ensure that the offers submitted through our vendor tools are valuable and competitive, we filter offer submissions against the following criteria:

  • Employee discount program offers must provide a percentage off total purchase price, a dollar amount off total purchase price, or give a competitive value-added reward for purchase (such as buy one, get one free).
  • Our local discount offers must be redeemable via a branded Abenity membership card, a printable in-store coupon, or electronic / mobile coupon.
  • National offers must be redeemable through a coupon code or direct link, over the phone with a discount code through a dedicated sales representative, or in-store with printable, electronic, or mobile coupons.
  • Offers should fit into one of the following preferred offer categories: Dining, Recreation, Entertainment, Hotels, Fashion, Home Living, Gifts, Health & Beauty, Electronics or Automotive.

We’d encourage you to send vendors in your local area a link to your branded vendor registration page to offer a discount through your employee discount program. You can locate the link to your branded vendor registration page under the Marketing section of your Abenity Back Office. In your Back Office you’ll also find a printable vendor flyer you can hand out to local merchants as a way of promoting your program and their ability to offer a discount to your group.

You may even want to send out a email to all your employee discount program members, as well as your local chamber of commerce, to help get more vendors in your community interested in offering a corporate discount through your program.

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