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Belmont University’s Employee Discount Program: From Self-Managed To Full Service

The following is a guest post from Donna Gwaltney. Donna is the Senior Human Resources Generalist for Belmont University and has nearly two decades of HR experience in a variety of industries including hospitality, non-profit, manufacturing, citrus processing, and the public sector.

Editor’s Note: In 2006 Belmont University, a private liberal arts college in Nashville, TN, asked Abenity to manage their employee discount program. This is their story about how they transitioned from a self-managed program to a full service employee discount program run by Abenity.

Belmont University’s old employee discount program was anything but efficient. We had a home-grown system which consisted of contacting local vendors and asking if they would be interested in offering Belmont employees a discount. Once Human Resources verified the offer, the discount was placed on our internal Employee Discount List.

This process seemed to work initially. However, we soon noticed that vendors often discontinued offers without notice, and employees would become frustrated when they tried to use an advertised discount and it wouldn’t be accepted. It appeared to employees that Human Resources didn’t know what they were doing and the entire employee discount program was a constant form of irritation for our team.

Our employee discount offering got a whole lot simpler once we outsourced our program. By using an external provider our employees have access to a much wider offering of discounts numbering into the thousands for both local and national vendors. Our employee discount provider takes care of contacting vendors and arranging for discounts and they also handle the communication of offers to our employees. Human Resources’ involvement is minimal but the benefit to our employees is great.

Human Resources does not have to worry about keeping an updated employee discount listing anymore – Abenity does that for us! When employees call asking about employee discounts we send them straight to the Abenity website and I never have to worry about it being outdated. Employees like having the regular e-mail notifications from Abenity of new offerings and highlighted discounts. Having Abenity is a win-win proposition for us.
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