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Mobile Access and Branded App Icons for your Discount Program

Over the last year we have been laser-focused on creating an amazing mobile experience for your Perks & Discount Program members. Here’s a couple quick notes on mobile accessibility that you should be aware of:

  1. Mobile Access: Your discount program is mobile-compatible for all handheld devices using Responsive Web Design, making the program easy to navigate and use on any smartphone or tablet device including the iPhone, iPad, and Android phones.
  2. Branded App Icons: Members using the discount program with an iPhone or iPad will receive a prompt to save a branded app icon to their home screen, giving them instant access to savings on their device.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive Web Design is becoming the favored web standard as more internet users are spending a majority of their online time using phones or tablet devices. Quite simply, Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a method of coding a website so that it instantly recognizes the screen size of a user’s device, and automatically re-formats the webpage making the content easy to read and navigate on any number of mobile phones and tablets.

Responsive Web Design eliminates the need to create individual discount program applications for the innumerable mobile devices on the market today. Instead of needing to download a discount program app from the iTunes, Android, or Blackberry store, members can simply log in to their program on their phone’s internet browser just like they would on their desktop. No downloads required!

If you want to have a little fun, log in to your Abenity discount program on your desktop computer, then slowly re-size the window of your internet browser. As you make the internet browser window smaller, you’ll notice that the content of the discount program shifts, and reorganizes itself automatically based on the screen size. This is RWD in action!

Branded iPhone App Icons for Your Discount Program

Our other new development – branded app icons for iPhone users – will enable your members to save a branded bookmark to their phone’s home screen, making it easy to access the discount program when they’re on-the-go.

This, partnered with the mobile accessibility of your discount program, is easily one of the best member engagement features we have developed to date. If you’re looking to increase membership in your discount program, I would highly encourage you to notify your members that your program is now mobile compatible.

We’ve provided instructions on how to save a branded app icon to an iPhone home screen, as well as instruction on how to save a home screen bookmark on Android devices, on this Abenity 101 post.

What’s Next In Mobile?

These updates just mark the beginning of the mobile plans we have in store for the Abenity Perks & Discount Program.

This spring we have been working hard to increase the number of local offers available in our program, with an emphasis on family entertainment destinations and national attractions in your area. Local offers pair well with a mobile-compatible discount program, and we aim to continue to increase the number of local offers available.

We are now under-taking a reworking of the entire discount program that will further enhance mobile capabilities for members. Location aware technology (so members can easily find offers near them), streamlined processes for mobile offer redemption, and an enhanced user interface are just a few of the things on the docket to roll out over the course of this year.

Stay tuned for new updates as they become available!

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