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Recipe: Caprese Style Chicken Breasts and Mixed Pepper Medley

Summer is nearly here! I chose this recipe because it is a simple meal and great for the longer days we’ll get to experience the next few months. You may be familiar with Caprese Salad, and this recipe takes the simple concept of that salad and turns it into a hearty meal for the whole family. The chicken will easily please even the youngest diner while the pepper medley is sure to please any adult diner, which is great because you can cook only one meal while customizing each plate. I hope you will enjoy this recipe as much as I did – happy summer!


Recipe: Chicken and Tarragon Burgers

The list of ingredients differs from a classic burger recipe, but is just as simple in execution. Use your creativity when choosing sides to serve with these great burgers; dress it up with a fancy salad or toppings or keep it simple with coleslaw and potato salad! I hope that you and your family enjoy these chicken burgers as much as I think you will! Take advantage of the mild weather and invite a few great friends over, fire up your grill, make these tasty burgers and enjoy a fun filled dinner on the patio!


Recipe: Chicken Strips with BBQ Dipping Sauce

If your children are anything like most children, then they love chicken nuggets! These chicken strips are made with whole-wheat flower making them a healthier choice, not only for the little ones but also for the whole family. The pomegranate BBQ sauce gives the chicken a more “grown-up” feel, which will keep the adults coming back for more. This recipe makes an easy school night meal or double the recipe to serve a larger crowd at your Super Bowl party.


Recipe: Lasagna with Sausage, Spinach, Ricotta, and Tomato

Here’s an updated recipe for an old family favorite plus some coupons for a few of the ingredients. Winter is quickly approaching and warm comfort food like this is just what your family will need at the end of a long winter days! Your family will enjoy this spin of classic lasagna. Chopping the spinach finely and mixing it into the ricotta cheese will also help disguise it enough for even the pickiest little eaters! So gather around your dinner table, relish in the warmth of this meal and time with your family.