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Sponsored Kids – Pandemic + Petitions

Happy Sponsored Kids Friday! I hope you all had a great Fourth of July holiday. We had the holiday off at Abenity, but now we’re back in the swing of things and are ready to tell you more about World Vision and the kids we sponsor. I got a World Vision email a while back…


Sponsored Kids – Meet Khady

Happy Sponsored Kids Friday!  It has been a crazy day, so I’m just going to pop in here real quick and introduce you to this week’s kid: Khady! We have sponsored Khady for 4 years, and she is now 17 years old.  Khady has 1 brother and 3 sisters, who all live with her parents…


Sponsored Kids – Meet Bassirou

Happy Sponsored Kids Friday! This week’s highlighted kiddo is our newest sponsored child, Bassirou.  Bassirou lives in Tattaguine, Senegal.  He likes math, soccer, and is 12 years old this year!  Bassirou lives with his mother and 2 brothers.  Right now, Bassirou’s local community manager reports that he and the other kids in Tattaguine are learning…


Sponsored Kids – Meet Yague

Happy Sponsored Kids Friday, everyone!  Another week flew by, and somehow, the weekend is upon us! As always, let’s kick off the weekend by meeting this week’s spotlighted kid: Yague.  Yague is most typically a surname in Spain, but its next most common occurrence globally is in Senegal. I haven’t been able to figure out…


Sponsored Kids – Meet Niokhor

Happy #sponsoredkids Friday, friends! If you don’t know, World Vision sends updates at the end of every year so you can see how your kiddo is doing. I was going through some of the year-end progress reports the other day, and found this sweet picture of our little friend in Diakhao: Niokhor Ngom.  He hangs out with…


Sponsored Kids – Meet Diakhoumba

Hey, everyone!  Happy Sponsored Kids Friday!  To start off the day, I thought I’d tell those of you that are parents or guardians about this cool resource World Vision has: the Ignite Learning series (https://www.worldvision.org/ignite/lp/homeschool-curriculum-sign-up/).  These are age-appropriate lessons (K-12) that teach kids about humanitarian issues, like health, water, and sanitation.  With summer vacation AND…


Sponsored Kids – Meet Fatou

Hey, lovely people!  Let’s jump right into our Sponsored Kids post this week! Meet Fatou.Fatou is about to turn 13 in 10 days. She lives with her parents and 1 brother in Tattaguine, Senegal (western Senegal, near the capital city of Dakar).  She love playing with dolls and writing and looks like one happy kid.  …