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Sponsored Kids – New Blog Series

Hello, friends!

I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Bevin and I work in Operations at Abenity, Inc. As many of you know, Abenity is a company founded on several core values and we take those values seriously! The value that I was most blown away by when I first started here is the idea of “People over Profits”. Quite simply – Abenity is in this business for the right reasons. I’ve seen it firsthand, from leadership down to every member of our team and how we each do our jobs. One of the coolest manifestations of this idea is how Abenity uses its platform to reach people who need help the most, and we do this through an amazing organization called World Vision.

For those of you who don’t know, World Vision is a humanitarian, non-profit organization that partners with communities all over world to fight extreme poverty. Their work provides nutrition, education, infrastructure, clean water, financial training, and legal advocacy to every community they serve. To fund their extensive efforts, they allow individuals and corporations to sponsor children. When you sponsor a child, you get to know a precious soul from a poor, often rural community in a developing country. You get a picture of them (and they get pictures of you), you can write to them (and get letters in return), and you get updates on their health, interests, schooling, and family. Essentially, for a small monthly payment, you are investing in the life of a child and their family and helping them escape the confines of poverty. Plus, because of World Vision’s community-focused solutions, for every child we help, 4 more children benefit too.

Did you know that Abenity sponsors 220 children in Africa? That’s right! For every new perks program we deliver, we sponsor another child, and that translates to some pretty powerful numbers. Our sponsorships are currently changing the lives of 880 children, lifting 13 communities out of poverty in 5 countries! So, when you choose Abenity as your perks program, you are a part of something so much bigger than discounts and benefits. You are a part of a chain of helpers who are forming relationships with precious kiddos and their families in Ghana, Mali, Mozambique, Niger, and Senegal, working hard every day to lift these communities out of poverty.

THAT is what People over Profits is all about. There is ALWAYS something you can do to help people in need. Wherever you are, regardless of what you do for a living, whatever your strengths are – you have a chance to bring about good in this world. If you’re here right now, reading this, know that your partnership with Abenity is making a difference.

Every Friday, starting today, I am going to release a post introducing you to one of our amazing sponsored kids. You’ll get to “meet” her or him, and get to know what their lives, families, and communities are like. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to sponsor a kid of your own! But no matter what, by being a part of Abenity, you are helping us communicate a powerful message: Whether you’re an employee at one of the largest companies in America or an orphan in a third world country – You are valuable, what you do matters, and you can make a difference.

So, let’s meet our very first kid, shall we?

Today, I’m spotlighting Aliou.  Aliou is 13 years old and lives in a rural region of Senegal called Diakhao. His father is a farm laborer and his mother is a housewife, which are both common professions in this region. Senegal is a beautiful country with a vibrant, kind, and welcoming culture.  However, like many places, its rural communities struggle.  That’s why we’re sponsoring Aliou, whose family works incredibly hard, but with 11 children, struggles to make ends meet.  The goal is to make Aliou’s whole community better by helping provide a better education, more consistent clean water, and basic healthcare. 

Fun Facts:
– The Senegalese word for hospitality is “teranga” and it is central to their culture to value people over things and foster good relationships.
– Did you know Senegal was formally a French colony?  Aliou may not speak fluent French, being from a rural area, but much of French culture and cuisine is a part of his life!  Bonne journée!


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