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Creating Your Exclusive Walled Garden

As you craft your employee engagement strategy consider implementing concepts that lend toward the walled garden idea. It’s not enough to simply provide basic health insurance and a 401k program anymore. While important, any legitimate company worth their salt is already doing that.

What can you provide that is truly remarkable to your organization?

[postquote quote=”Your benefits and perks strategy is of greatest legitimacy to your employees when you operate them within a closed system.”]

At Abenity we manage discount programs for over 100 companies nationally. We’re not the only company out there that provides this service, but we believe we do it the best, and our aim towards exclusivity has a lot to do with it. We offer [offers] local and national discounts to the clients we serve, and they are hidden behind the walled garden of username and password protection (among numerous other security protections). You have to be a member to access them, and you have to be an employee of one of our clients to be a member.

Why? Because our clients are offering Abenity as a benefit to their employees and they are doing so with the intention of building loyalty and being absolutely remarkable. With that being the case, our discount program can’t be big free-for-all coupon and affiliate marketing website like the bargain bin at the local discount superstore.

Your benefits and perks strategy is of greatest legitimacy to your employees when you operate them within a closed system. You can accomplish this in two ways:

Ensure the Benefits You Implement are Competitive, Varied and Unique

Most companies will start with the “standard” benefits package, including health insurance, life insurance and 401k plans. Go for the most competitive rates you can find and be gutsy with the costs you are willing to cover on behalf on the employee. Shop often and apprise your workers when changes are made to ensure them that you are pursuing the best possible options on their behalf.

Consider additional benefits such as tele-commuting, child care subsidies along with health and wellness programs to add to your repertoire of features that will set you apart as an unique employer. You are in the process of building a toolkit towards engagement, and within that toolbox are the items – large and small – you wield to successfully build loyalty. The adequate toolbox requires more than just a hammer to build a house; strive for diversity and select a full range of tools to accomplish the task.

Ensure the Perks You Provide are Not Available to the General Public

We run into the challenge of non-exclusivity in our business often. Many competitors in the discount space operate in an open arena, essentially letting anyone in. When looking for providers to fulfill the various needs of your engagement strategy look for services that are truly going to respect your need to offer exclusive means for engagement with your employees. Sadly many business-to-business services in the human resources sector are content with affiliate marketing and referrals as a means to stay in business, while ignoring the larger need of providing true strategies for engagement to the employer.


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