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Defining Moments

Do you remember a defining moment in your life that forever changed who you are, what you value, or how you make decisions?

Maybe you even remember vivid details of where you were and what happened?

For me, that transformative moment happened when I was just 13 years old. I was on a missions trip serving at schools, orphanages, and hospitals in Kingston, Jamaica. Our group was housed at a two-story cement school inside a compound with high walls, and we slept in large, open-air rooms without air conditioning on the second floor.

Every morning, we would go out in small teams to serve throughout the city. At night, we’d come together in a large breezeway on the first floor to cool off and discuss all we had encountered that day. Stories of people young and old whose stories of loss and tragedy (and occasionally great joy) can still bring me to tears.

The whole experience of those weeks left me with a profound understanding of the value of every person no matter how old they are, where they come from, how much money they make, what they’ve done in the past, or what physical, mental, societal, or situational limitations they may have. I knew there was no greater gift than getting to serve others, coming alongside them and participating in their story, even if it was just by listening to that story.

During one of these evenings on the breezeway processing the day’s events, I changed forever. A leader from our group had prepared a talk about different ways that we could take what we experienced there and bring it back into our daily lives at home.

I made the decision that evening that my life would be one of service to others because every person has value. More importantly than that, I knew right then that I wanted to use business as my tool to serve people, both the business’s immediate customers, and also through philanthropy around the world.

That evening has directed every major decision in my life since then.

And those decisions have brought me here to Abenity. I couldn’t be more honored or proud to be a part of this great team and our mission to serve you, your members, and people around the world through our giving partner, World Vision.

Has there been a moment like this in your own life that has shaped who you are or what you believe? If you’re willing to share, reply directly to the email where you originally found this article, or click this link to send me a message. I’d love to hear about it!


Ben McIntyre is a Client Executive at Abenity. He is available to assist our clients Monday – Friday with everything from login assistance and marketing support, to vendor questions, offer integrations, branding, and program upgrades.