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High Definition Client Logos Added to Discount Programs

Last week we announced the launch of our mobile compatible discount program and branded app icons for iPhone users. Continuing in our push forward with mobile focused technology updates, this week we’re rolling out support for high definition client logos across all discount programs.

Your Back Office now supports the uploading of high definition logos so that your brand will look top notch on high definition devices. In the example below you can see a comparison of a non-high definition logo on the left versus a high definition logo on the right as viewed on one of these devices.

Many new handheld devices, such as the iPhone and iPad, support high resolution graphics (more than twice the quality of a normal desktop computer). Apple refers to this as Retina Display, and they’ve even rolled it out to their newer laptop computers. These high definition devices pack a pixel density so high that it is hard for your eye to distinguish that between individual pixels, making the image more true to life.

As before you can upload or update your logo in your Abenity Back Office. Just go to the My Account tab and click on “Program Branding” in the right hand side panel. You can get there directly at this link. To ensure your logo looks the best it can across all devices, upload the highest resolution logo you have available.

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