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Abenity Agency: How Benefit Brokers Can Add Value With Abenity Employee Discount Programs

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Over the last month I’ve been connecting with the benefit brokers that serve some of our most faithful clients. I’ve learned something new from each broker interview that I’ve conducted and I’m very excited to report that the Abenity Agency Reseller program we’ve developed for benefit brokers is something that meets a number of their needs and is a voluntary benefit they are excited to share with their clients.

Our reseller program allows benefit brokers to resell the Abenity employee discount program to their clients, increasing incremental revenue for the broker, and adding value to the client-broker relationship.

So why are employee discount programs from Abenity such a valuable addition to a benefit broker’s portfolio of products? This is what they’ve shared with me:

1) They’re Engaging: Employee discount programs are low cost and high impact. Some of our clients experience voluntary employee participation of up to 75%.

2) They’re Sticky: Employee discount programs carry an extremely high perceived value in the mind of the employee. So for an organization, switching brokers would mean losing access to highly desired discounts at AMC, Six Flags, Disney, Olive Garden, Costco, Target and so much more.

3) They’re Leading Edge: Previously, only Fortune 500 companies offered a comprehensive employee discount program. But Abenity was developed for Fortune 500 companies and is now accessible and affordable for companies of any size. Some of our best known clients include US Bank, the State of Michigan, Oracle, Virgin USA, Harris Teeter and Medco.

4) New Revenue Growth: Brokers source Abenity at a 10% – 40% monthly discount and use their margin for profit, or to give clients a competitive advantage. They may also integrate their own voluntary products (such as life insurance or payroll deduction perks) to increase their exposure and generate more polices.

5) They Don’t Compete: Abenity discount programs are not competitive with our benefit broker partners. We allow them to add their own offers and we can remove any of our offers that conflict with their products.

6) They’re Easy To Implement: Brokers can create a client’s employee discount program online in less than 60 seconds. How’s that for turnaround time? Accounts are accessible immediately and approved for launch within 48 business hours.

Are you a benefit broker looking to round out your product selection? With Abenity you can provide your clients with the most comprehensive benefit and engagement platform available through our employee discount program.

Learn more about our application and how you can increase your revenue through our Abenity Agency program.


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