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How To Use Social Media To Communicate Employee Perks & Benefits

Social-Media-CollageAs an employer, one of your greatest assets in attracting talented new hires as well as keeping your current team members engaged is your Employee Benefits Program. Whether your program includes all of the bells and whistles or simply fulfills the basics, your employees will not know what resources are available if you don’t communicate it in a way that reaches them. Gone are the days of sending out flyers and pamphlets to keep employees informed. People are more active on social media platforms than ever and there’s no signs of that changing anytime soon. 

What better way to communicate employee perks information than meeting them right where they are, with social media? Contrary to popular belief, using social media to communicate company initiatives, events, and benefits is possible and doesn’t mean risking privacy nor does it require a major HR office overhaul. By ignoring social media for the purpose of company communication you are missing out on great resources that are easy to use and generally free. Now before you go reviving that old MySpace page from 2005, we have some helpful tips here to make the most of your resources and time.

Leverage The Corporate Blog

One of the most simple but effective ways to communicate employee perks & benefits to your team is by starting a company blog. This will allow you to create your own content and self-publish that content at your own pace. You’ll be able to provide extensive updates, post memos from the leadership team, introduce initiatives, share employee accomplishments, and much more with ease and as frequently as you need. Employees can even subscribe to the blog to get updates as they are posted and add comments to start a conversation, bridging the gap between the team and the HR office. With a blog is you aren’t limited to just text content; learn to embed videos and upload photos to make the employee perks updates more engaging and keep employees involved.

Create Podcasts And Videocasts

Speaking of multimedia, other great methods to communicate employee perks to your team include podcasts and videocasts. These content pieces have so many uses and can be easily captured. Videos are engaging and easily accessible for employees of all ages and comfort levels with technology. You don’t need a fancy camera and a video editing team to create these since most cell phones are equipped with a video camera, as are many computers. Record memos, updates, and plans, then upload them to your blog or post them on video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo. Videos can be a great way to assist with employee benefits orientation, and you can also use them to present special clips about benefits or upcoming company functions. Don’t be afraid to get creative! Build a contest around employees uploading their own videos or share videos from other sources explaining HR benefits and new ideas.

Go Online with Social Networks

While we are speaking of social media, don’t forget to make use of social networks as a way to announce employee perks. Whether it be a Facebook event page to remind employees of the next seminar, a Twitter announcement linking to a blog, or a LinkedIn group just for employees, there are countless ways to engage your employees on social networks. Facebook is the largest social networking site today with more than 250 million active users with the fastest growing group of users people older than 35, which means that it is more than likely that the vast majority of your team is already congregating on the social network. With so much activity taking place at destinations like Facebook and Twitter, it’s essential that your company optimizes these easy-to-use and free resources that are available to everyone. Not to mention, the influence and support of peers can increase engagement and help your company communicate new benefits, announcements, and initiatives. At Abenity, we use Facebook as another means to communicate new perks & discounts as they are debuted to our members.

Four Key Social Media Questions

There are four key questions to ask yourself as you come up with a plan to communicate employee perks & benefits via social media: What are your longtime objectives? Who are your employees? What is going to have long-term ROI? What is efficient to monitor and maintain? Make sure you have an end-goal in mind that allocates your resources properly and communicates efficiently. A little planning and willingness to try a new form of communication could take your HR initiatives to the next level.

Let’s hear from you! What are some fun and creative ways your organization is using social media to communicate employee perks & benefits?



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