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Lessons Learned: Lesson Two – Build a Product that Addresses the Root of a Company’s Need

We’re reviewing some of the things we have learned over the past several years of working in the world of employee discount programs. Lesson 2: Build a product that gets to the root of a company’s needs, not just one that satisfies their surface level desires.

Companies have different reasons for wanting to provide an employee discount program depending on their size. We’ve created Abenity to solve the issues at the root of their desire for a discount program which makes our product very unique.

Example 1: Companies of all sizes desire local discounts. We don’t just give them access to online offers from local vendors, but we have 50 local reps across the U.S. who are recruiting actual in store discounts for our members to redeem by simply presenting printable or mobile coupons to the cashier. We currently have over 30,000 offers spread out across 2,300 U.S. cities.

Example 2: Companies with more than 1,000 employees typically need help with the management of their existing discount vendors. We not only allow them to integrate all of their own discounts within our web software, we provide them with an Abenity representative who makes the updates and changes for them, and we give them access to a back end admin site where they too can manage all of their discounts.

Example 3: Companies with more than 10,000 employees typically need help keeping up with the cold calls and inquiries they receive from vendors interested in offering their employees a discount. We do more than just provide our clients with a system to make it easy for them to create discounts in our system from these vendors, we provide companies with a branded vendor registration page where we actually process and handle the vendor’s request on their behalf. See an example of this in action at www.abenity.com/USBank/vendorregistration.

Example 4: Companies with less than 1,000 employees can’t get the attention of vendors or discount providers because they are just too small. So they are just stuck. We created Abenity’s Basic Level Program so that small companies can turn on their own employee discount program just as easily as they would create a Facebook page for their company. Our Basic Program gives small companies access to all the same discounts and features as our top tier Managed Programs provide. Now smaller employers can offer the same world-class discount program that previously only the the big guys could afford.



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