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Abenity Registration Options & Member Import Feature

Even though you offer the best employee discount program in the world, you still need to engage your group so that the value your program has to offer is realized and used by your members.

We know that adoption is the single most important factor affecting the performance of your discount program so we’ve created several registration options to give you the flexibility and security that you need to engage your members.

The newest registration option that we’ve implemented within your Abenity Client Admin is our Member Import feature.

Member Import offers the highest level of security for your discount program as it requires your members to be pre-registered by you before they can access their discounts. This is not an open or voluntary registration option, it is a closed registration option.

Using Member Import allows you to quickly and easily announce your new discount program by uploading a CSV (Comma Separated Value) formatted file of your members. You can upload a new file as often as you’d like to guarantee that all of your active members have access to your discounts. Once you’ve uploaded your file, you can select the “Send a Welcome Email to New Members” option and we will deliver a welcome email about your employee discount program and include a link to your site with login credentials.

Here are some detailed instructions on how to import members into your group through your Client Admin.

Below is a complete list of our program registration options, which one are you using currently and how engaged is your group?

OPEN REGISTRATION (Voluntary Registration)
– Register using any email address (Least Secure)
– Require a universal registration code (Secure)
– Register using a company-issued email address (Extremely Secure)
– Use an Abenity ID issued on membership cards (Most Secure, Most Engaging)

– Load your members though our Member Import Feature
– Access our API to provide Single Sign-On (SSO), View API Documentation



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