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New Rules, Killing the Status Quo

In 2010 Abenity changed the rules within the Rewards & Recognition marketplace for employers, alumni groups, and membership organizations.

Over the last few years employee discount programs have transitioned into a core benefit and are no longer a simple “perk” adding a little icing to the cake. Discount programs are critical, especially in a down economy, as they carry an extremely high value for your members and employees. And, a well executed employee discount program keeps your group engaged with lots of new offers, and connects your employees to the vendors they know and love within their local community.

Abenity has taken a fresh approach. Here’s a quick comparison of the old rules for custom discount programs and how Abenity is changing the game:

The Issues The Old Rules The Abenity Solution
Business Model and Transparency Other discount providers are not very straight forward. They have their own agenda with strings attached. Look out for restrictions like you must have 10,000+ employees, you must add payroll slots with our insurance products, you must allow us to collect demographic data about your employees (can we say privacy issues?) or required per employee fees. Abenity is open to any sized company, no limitations or restrictions, and no fees to your vendor partners. We’re a web application (like SaleForce.com or Facebook), we’re not an insurance or marketing company.
Custom Branded Setup You can expect other providers to charge a set up fee ranging anywhere from $5,000 – $50,000 for a custom branded discount program. There’s NO set up fee from Abenity for your custom branding. Our branding process is so turn key that we don’t need to bill you for it. We simply bill one low monthly fee to keep your program up to date and engaging for your members.
Discount Offer Integrations In many cases, if offer integration is even an option with your discount program provider, then it carries a hefty fee to you and your participating vendors. And, once your offers are loaded, it can be difficult to have updates and changes completed in a timely manner. Abenity offers access to a full service Client Admin where you can add, update, and even remove your discount offers. Plus your vendors receive access to their own Vendor Admin to control the content of their offers. No extra charges to anyone and content is updated in a flash.
Local In-Store Discounts It’s too hard for most discount providers (who are really insurance brokers) to come up with local discounts because there’s no back-end revenue in it for them. Thinking, “Why waste our time with the Mom & Pop Shops” Local discounts, right in your community, are king! Abenity is deeply connected with local vendors to meet the needs of our clients. We have over 50 field reps recruiting local discounts across more than 2,300 U.S. cities and nearly 30,000 local offers that can be redeemed in-store with printable and mobile coupons!
Program Setup Timeline Brace yourself, other discount providers will require a 3-6 week lead time to get your custom branding ready for you…oh yeah, and $5,000 please. Abenity will have your branded discount program, custom marketing materials, and Client Admin access up and running within 48 business hours of your sign up. (We’ll probably have it ready faster, but I’d rather under promise and over deliver).
A Perks Company is Not Enough There are so many “perks” companies out there operating a website with deals. Today’s leading employers are looking for access to more than just perks; they require access to systems that allow them to operate more efficiently with less resources to provide their group with programs that offer real value. Abenity is a web-based application, an online software package designed to help organizations operate more efficiently. Our most popular innovations include My Discount Listings (integrate your own offers), Abenity Email Center (customize over 45 templates to create personalized email campaigns), Insurance Center (integrate your voluntary benefits), Member Import (control who accesses your program), Analytics (real-time reporting), Easy Account Customization (change your program’s logo, title or tagline), My Location (view local offers across 2,300 U.S. cities), Mobile Coupons (formatted for your mobile phone), and Abenity Rewards & Recognition.
In-House Development It’s difficult for non-software companies to put their focus on the needs and innovations of their clients because they need outside help to meet your needs. Other discount providers are focused on making revenue through non-traditional business schemes. The built in agenda from this mentality leaves little room for what matters most, your discount program. All of our application development is done in-house. We are always innovating to meet the needs of our clients. If you need something fixed, updated, or created, then we are on it, and it gets done quickly.

A Quick Review – What Makes Abenity Different:
  • Abenity is a web-based application, like Salesforce.com, GoToMeeting, or Facebook — Much more than just a “perks-site.”
  • We’re open to any size company (it’s not about volume, it’s about meeting your needs).
  • Our business model is transparent, you pay one flat monthly fee for our services.
  • The local community is king and we provide offers in your member’s neighborhood.
  • A truly exclusive experience. What’s the point if anyone can access your discount program – we aren’t available to the public.
  • No fees to your existing vendors or to local vendors. Why limit participating discounts by requiring vendor fees? It’s a discount program right?
  • Branded programs are ready within 48 business hours – it’s easier than setting up a Facebook page.
  • Unlimited offer integrations. You control the content of your discount program with the ability to add and remove offers.

Abenity will continue to shake up the Employee Perks marketplace to ensure that your organization has access to the most efficient solutions for your group’s day-to-day needs at a price that is second to none and doesn’t require you to compromise your employees privacy, the depth of available discount offers, or the efficiency of your department’s benefit programs.



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