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Abenity’s Business Model: Look Inside our Perks & Benefits Program

Employee Engagement with Perks & Benefit ProgramsWhen we talk to a company for the first time about being their perks and benefits provider, we discuss with them our goal to increase their operational efficiencies while improving the depth of benefits available to their members. But many have trouble understanding our pricing model.

On almost every call we are asked, “What is your program cost per employee?”

We mention our Managed Services approach, then we tell them there is no cost per employee. Cue puzzled looks and a brief silence.

Our Managed Services Philosophy to Perks and Benefits

Abenity’s Managed Services approach is completely different from other providers in our industry. Where others charge per employee, Abenity is available for a flat, monthly per client fee. With us you only pay for the services and features you choose, and nothing more. That means whether you have 500 employees or 50,000, you have access to the same great feature-packed Abenity programs at an incredibly affordable monthly rate.
[postquote quote=”If your goal is to improve engagement, then our goal must also be to improve engagement.”]

We’ve pursued this managed services philosophy because it aligns our motives with the motives of your benefits team, allowing us to deliver the solutions you need while freeing up your time by providing the best employee perks and discounts available. While others in our industry are seeking to make a profit off your member’s purchases or interaction with the program, we are not. Rather, we push to get the deepest discount possible from our vendors, and when commissions are available to us we do what we can to leverage them into a higher discount within our employee discount programs.

Your Goals Are Our Goals

Your goal in offering your group additional perks and benefits – like discounts, concierge services or wellness resources – is increased engagement. The more engaged your people are, the more satisfied, loyal, and happy they’ll be with your organization. And over time happy employees, means better productivity and ultimately higher company profitability.

If your goal is to improve engagement, then our goal must also be to improve engagement.

Unfortunately there are some providers in the perks and benefits world who do things that lead to poor engagement, like:

1) Charging Fees Per Member: When other providers require per member fees to access their discount program, they are discouraging use across the company because the more employees you add, the higher the cost is to you. You want as many people as possible to engage with your Perks & Benefits program, and so do we.

2) Funding The Program With An Advertising Model: When other providers are solely ad funded, they only promote the offers that make them the most money, regardless of the offer’s true value, in turn damaging their integrity and member engagement. You want your members to receive relevant, highly valuable perks and discounts that leads them to appreciate your program, and so do we.

3) Requiring The Promotion Of Insurance Products: When other providers make their willingness to work with you contingent upon your agreement to sell specific insurance products, then they’re showing they don’t really have the same goals in mind as you. You deserve a true team member in your perks and benefits provider whose primary goal is to increase your organization’s efficiency and engagement, and that’s what we want to help you do.

Let Us Help You Engage To The Fullest

When we say we’re on your team – when we say we want to help you succeed, you know we really mean it. It’s at the core of business model. We’re not looking to make an extra buck off your employees, and we’re not trying to sell you on a bunch of services that you don’t want or need.

We’ve aligned ourselves with you so that you can pursue employee engagement to its fullest, and we want to do everything we can to help you get there. We’ve packed your Back Office (login) with over 40 tools and resources you can use to engage your staff. We’ve provided a comprehensive Marketing Gallery enabling you to communicate your perks and benefits in unique and interesting ways. Look to us, your “Perks Department”, as your partner to increase loyalty, maximize profitability, and heighten morale inside your organization.



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