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Perks Made Simple: 6 Basics of Abenity

Our one goal at Abenity is “Perks Made Simple”, and I wanted to take a moment and explain what that means for us. We’ve built a perks model that truly places you, our clients, first and aligns our goals with your own.

When you boil it down, here’s how Abenity embodies Perks Made Simple:

1) It means Over $4,500 In Savings for your members featuring private discount offers from some of the most popular national brands like Sam’s Club, Firestone, Regal & AMC Theaters, HP, Costco, and many more.

We’ve tallied up the savings on some of our most popular national offers. You’ll be surprised at how quickly the savings add up!

2) It means Easy Mobile Access so your members can access their discounts wherever they are, at home or on the go with their smartphone.

We’ve put a ton of work into making Abenity the most mobile accessible perks program over the past year. Check out our responsive design, branded app icons, and mobile eTicket store.

3) It means No Hidden Fees in our movie and theme parks ticketing store, which means the price listed in our store is the price your members will have to pay. No surprises, no gotchas, and that’s a big deal because we’re the only discount program provider that can say that.

4) It means Flexible Branding Options so that you can confidently present your organization as the valued provider of your discount program.

At the core, we help our clients engage their members on a deeper, more meaningful, and more seamless level. We do that by positioning you – our client and partner – as the provider of your perks program with dozens of integrated customization options.

5) It means Consistent Member Engagement where we’ll work by your side to communicate your perks and build loyalty.

Each program is equipped you with a full arsenal of 40+ marketing tools that make it easy to spread the word about your program to members, including suggested email copy, videos, flyers, vendor logos, custom product and branding options, and a personalized program launch document.

6) It means Powerful Back Office Tools where we give you everything you need to control your perks program, build engagement, administer your benefits, and track your success in one comprehensive online software suite.

The tools we provide in our new Back Office speak to the core of Abenity’s purpose and our managed services approach. Your goals are our goals – we provide you with the marketing tools, recognition resources, and analytics you need to increase loyalty, maximize profitability, and heighten morale inside your organization.


With Abenity, Perks Made Simple comes down to these six simple concepts. They sum up both our commitment to you as a client and the philosophy behind our software.



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