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Press Release: Abenity Launches New Small Business Program Price

Abenity Launches New Small Business Program Price
Equips Small Business Sector With Access To Employee Engagement Resources

[pdf file=”https://abenity.s3.amazonaws.com/external/press/AbenityPressRelease_06032011.pdf” title=”Press Release: Abenity Launches New Small Business Program Price”]NASHVILLE, Tennessee – June 2, 2011 – Abenity, Inc. (www.abenity.com), an employee loyalty and engagement leader that provides private discount programs announced a new price point today geared towards making the Abenity program more accessible to the small business sector.

The new $99 per month price gives small businesses and their employees a co-branded Abenity discount program and access to Abenity’s network of over 100,000 local and national discounts, offering per member savings in excess of $4,500.

“Our $99 ‘Small Business’ program is a scaled version of the Enterprise level program we’ve developed for Fortune 500 companies. We’ve tweaked our new ‘Small Business’ edition to simply address the needs of small businesses. Employees of small businesses will still have full access to many of our best employee discount offers, but by doing away with some of our more advanced features we are able to offer small businesses a competitive program at a fiscally responsible price,” said Abenity President and CEO Brian Roland. “Now smaller employers have access to the same quality employee discounts for their staff that Fortune 500 companies source from us, without breaking the budget.”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2008 over 98% of employers in the United States are small businesses who employ less than 100 employees. The new Abenity “Small Business” program is designed to meet the needs of employers who are seeking to enhance their employee benefit offerings by providing a benefit package that is competitive with that of larger organizations. The new program offers employers access to an efficient, web-based approach to employee discounts, enabling a small business to instantly create their own discount program on the Abenity site.

“Abenity has made a name for itself in the employee discount world by offering exclusive programs capable of delivering personalized branding and customized programming to meet the varying needs of medium to large sized employers,” said Roland. “But we also recognize the needs of thousands of small business leaders who require an efficient, turnkey approach. Our ‘Small Business’ solution cuts to the essentials by offering a competitive ‘plug-and-play’ discount program at a low monthly fee with no annual contract.”

Abenity strives to pair consumer oriented discounts with essential health & wellness offerings, helping small businesses bridge the gap between basic employee perks and necessary medical benefits. Members of the Abenity “Small Business” Discount Program will have access to thousands of major national brands like Sprint, T-Mobile, Sam’s Club, Firestone and Office Depot. Plus they will enjoy exclusive access to prescription pharmaceutical savings, vision discounts and a host of other health & wellness related offerings.

The Abenity program also serves a core employee engagement need for small businesses in companies where human resources teams are limited or nonexistent. Roland says, “Employee engagement resources, including voluntary programs like Abenity, help to invest staffers emotionally in their workplace, generating loyalty and motivating employees to give their full attention to their career and being a brand champion for their company.” Abenity seeks to provide an essential web-based employee engagement framework to empower company leaders with the resources to faithfully address and invest in the growth of their corporate loyalty.

The Abenity “Small Business” program includes a co-branded Abenity Discount Program, featuring both the company and Abenity logos. Access to the new program will cost $99 per month, will not require an annual service contract and will be available beginning June 2011. Custom branded programs including access to API integration are also available from just $250/month for employers, alumni groups, and professional associations.

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