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Press Release: New Abenity eTicket and eGift Card Platform Delivers Discounts Directly to Member’s Inbox

New Abenity eTicket and eGift Card Platform Delivers Discounts Directly to Member’s Inbox
Makes Discounted Electronic Movie Tickets and Gift Cards Available for Immediate Use

[pdf file=”https://abenity.s3.amazonaws.com/external/press/AbenityPressRelease_030212_eTickets-and-eGiftCards.pdf” title=”Download PDF: New Abenity eTicket and eGift Card Platform Delivers Discounts Directly to Member’s Inbox”]NASHVILLE, Tennessee – March 2, 2012 – Abenity, Inc. (www.abenity.com), a provider of private employee perks and discount programs, unveiled a new feature today that allows members to purchase discounted electronic movie tickets and electronic restaurant gift cards at cost through the Abenity discount program.

Abenity has partnered with Regal Movie Theaters to offer discounted movie tickets redeemable at over 520 locations in the United States. Members are able to purchase movie tickets for $7.50 each through Abenity’s online store, and printable eTickets will be immediately emailed to the member for use at any Regal Movie Theater location in the country. Current members can access this feature today in their discount program.

“Regal Movie Theater eTickets through Abenity are a great leap forward for both our members and clients,” said Abenity President and CEO Brian Roland. “Abenity is just one of five partners that Regal has launched their eTicketing platform with, and we’re making these tickets available at cost through our program so that all the savings go back to the consumer.”

Regal Movie Theater eTickets are available for purchase by both Abenity members for personal use as well as Abenity clients for corporate use. Human Resource departments can purchase the discounted tickets and utilize them for internal gifts, prizes and employee incentives, and because the tickets are delivered by email the same day, the tickets can be put to use immediately.

In addition to eTickets from Regal, Abenity also launched a new eGift Card platform that will make electronic dining certificates available for immediate download from Chili’s, Macaroni Grill, Maggiano’s and over 18,000 participating Restaurant.com locations nationwide.

“We are continuously enhancing the Abenity program to serve the needs of our members and clients in an increasingly instant gratification economy,” said Roland. “Having to wait up to a week to receive an order for physical movie tickets or restaurant gift cards in the mail can be frustrating. Our new eTickets and eGift Cards program allows members to place an electronic order in the afternoon, and redeem it at a movie theater or restaurant that night.”

Most Abenity members access perks, like the Regal Theaters eTickets and restaurant eGift Cards, through their employer, who provides the Abenity program as a benefit of their employment. Abenity’s corporate rewards and loyalty platforms were developed to help Fortune 500 companies increase their benefits while improving employee loyalty and engagement. Abenity’s ability to volume negotiate discounts on behalf of large employers has enabled Abenity to deliver cost-effective programs for companies of any size with access to the same benefits that were once only available to the Fortune 500.

In addition to discount offers with thousands of national brands like Regal Movie Theaters, Abenity’s focus on wellness helps companies bring exclusive savings to their employees on prescription medications, health clubs, groceries, vision and dental services, and voluntary benefits. Abenity‘s programs are branded to help employers, alumni groups and professional associations increase their group benefits and start from just $250/month.
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