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Sponsored Kids – Maculada Mario

Happy Sponsored Kids Friday, all! Today we get to a meet a little girl from a different country than usual:  Mozambique.  Everyone, meet Maculada Mario!  Maculada is an 8 year old girl from North Sabe Sabe, which is towards the Southeastern side of the continent.  Geographically, a close reference point is the island of Madagascar, which is due East of Mozambique.  The geography of Mozambique is primarily coastal lowlands, though there are some beautiful mountain ranges that surround the Sabe area.  The whole area appears quite ecologically different from the area our other friends inhabit in Senegal.  Maculada’s parents are both farmers, and she has 4 siblings.  Her village doesn’t have much infrastructure, mostly due to a war that ended in 1992 that ravished the entire area.  However, she does attend a school, and her favorite subject there is math!

Now, I want to share some exciting news!  Last year, there were concerns that our US foreign assistance fund (about 1% of our country’s total budget) would be cut significantly.  While those concerns still exist, especially for the 2021 budget (which will be released soon), there has been a recent development that has brought relief to World Vision and other organizations like them.  As of Jan 28th, the Keep Girls in School Act passed through the House!  This act will support the existing strategies in place to promote education for girls, will work with local organizations (maybe WV) and governments to promote gender equality, and will help create access to education for girls in rural, poverty-stricken areas globally.  If you want more info, check out this link for all the details:  https://www.worldvisionadvocacy.org/2019/09/17/what-is-the-keeping-girls-in-school-act/

Now we just have to keep the progress going and get it passed through the Senate.  Each of us can help by contacting our senators and encouraging them to support this act!  World Vision provided a helpful link which has you fill in basic info, then automatically connects you with your senators. https://oneclickpolitics.global.ssl.fastly.net/messages/edit?promo_id=6151  It has a script, but you can fill in whatever you want to as well.  Here’s what I said, in addition to the script: “I work for a company that supports World Vision, and through this, my coworkers and I have become deeply invested in the well-being of our sponsored children.  Many of them live in rural Senegal and are subject to the conditions brought on by extreme poverty.  Girls in particular often have to drop out of school early to take care of younger siblings, work, or simply relieve their parents of the cost of schooling.  No child should have to choose between food and school, and that’s why I’m so excited about the Keep Girls in School Act.”

WV has provided an easy way for us to make a real impact on policies that would help the kids we have come to care so much about.  I hope you’ll join me and add your voice to the call for support for this act!