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Sponsored Kids – Meet Fatou

Hey, lovely people!  Let’s jump right into our Sponsored Kids post this week!

Meet Fatou.
Fatou is about to turn 13 in 10 days. She lives with her parents and 1 brother in Tattaguine, Senegal (western Senegal, near the capital city of Dakar).  She love playing with dolls and writing and looks like one happy kid.  

Fun fact:  The name Fatou means “chaste”.  Not exactly the most poetic meaning, but it is significant nonetheless.  Fatou has the same spiritual and lingual roots as Mother Mary.  So essentially, Fatou is Senegal’s version of Mary or Maria.  Pretty cool, huh?

On Wednesday, our World Vision representatives let us know that it is ok to talk to our sponsored kids about COVID-19. This has the opportunity to be a unifying experience, so Abenity employees are all going to be intentional about mentioning what our experience has been like these past couple of months and asking our kids what things have been like for them. Pandemics are certainly nothing to celebrate, but it is interesting that we have this bizarre situation in common with kids halfway around the world.

Please continue to pray that all of our sponsored kids are safe and healthy and that World Vision’s teams are well-supplied to meet the needs of the communities they serve. We’re all praying for you and your family to stay healthy, too!