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Sponsored Kids – Meet Loseph

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!  

Today, we get to meet a very cute little Valentine – Loseph Latyr!  Loseph is is 9 years old (bday is April 25).  This picture of him is actually super recent, from last month.

Loseph lives in Niakhar, Senegal, where they speak Serere.  Because of World Vision, Loseph attends school, where his favorite subject is reading.  His favorite pastime is playing football (soccer), and fortunately, he has a built-in team with his 2 brothers, 7 sisters, and parents!  

I have some fun facts about microfinance specifically in Senegal for you guys today.  As of the end of last year, because of World Vision’s economic empowerment plan:

  • 27,888 people are actively borrowing loans to reach new levels of growth for their enterprises.
  • The program currently has an outstanding portfolio of $7 million.
  • 58% of borrowers live in rural areas. 18,263 borrowers work in agriculture or with animals.
  • 80% of borrowers are female, which surpassed their goal!
  • 47% of all loans go to agricultural endeavors.

In short, what they’re doing is working.  World Vision is reaching the people who need help the most, in the places that need it the most, encouraging growth in the industries that need the most help. Woo!  And you, friends, are a part of it.

As always, thanks for your support. Have a great weekend!