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Sponsored Kids – Meet Ndeye

Happy Sponsored Kids Friday, everyone! 

I’m going to jump right in today, because I have some great news and am feeling super proud of our whole team.  Since beginning our pen pal project on November 1st, we have sent at least 55 letters to our sponsored children!!  That’s just our emails to the kiddos, not even counting the handwritten letters we’ve sent.  I am SO excited about this and am thrilled that our team has grabbed onto this as much as they have.  Reading the responses from these sweet kids these past couple of months has just reiterated the importance of building relationships with them.  Even their families are grateful to see these letters!

Now, for the best part of the day – let’s meet another kid!  I actually just received a letter from her for her pen pal today! I’m going to share a few excerpts here.  Her name is Ndeye, she is 14 years old, and she is from Tattaguine, Senegal. She says, “Having a special letter from you made my heart full of joy!  Thank you again for your choice to make me like your daughter here in Senegal.”  She goes on to say she has an older brother, 3 younger brothers, and a sister, and gives their names.  Then, “I’m in grade 2 in junior high school and I continue to do my best to make you happy. Thank you for your generosity to me.” So yeah – pretty awesome stuff there.  Thanks to our Abenity team for writing to these sweet, grateful children.  Let’s keep it up!