Celebrate Your Savings

Sponsored Kids – Meet Soukeye

Happy Sponsored Kids Friday!  As we enter the Christmas season, I wanted to take a minute to celebrate the gifts Abenity has given through and to World Vision this year:

  • We sponsor 210 children in Senegal, and 10 children in 4 other countries
  • 72 people will have water for life
  • $350 given to the Hunger Relief Fund
  • $150 given to the Child Protection Fund
  • $200 given to the “Where Most Needed” Fund
  • Donated 2 chickens
  • $125 worth of medicines donated
  • Donated a bicycle for a girl

Total monetary contributions for 2019 (including all sponsorship fees): $84,995!!!!! It’s pretty hard to explain the breadth of impact an amount like that has had on these precious friends of ours, but it’s fair to say that it’s massive.  A MASSIVE thank you to our founders, Brian and Mark Roland, for having this vision, prioritizing giving, and doing everything they can to continue to put people over profits.  It is a true honor to be a part of this. Again, I want to thank our members as well, without whom we could not do this.

Now, to meet our kiddo of the week – Soukeye!  This is actually one of my pen pals and I’m so excited to get to know her!  She is about 14, but we don’t know what her exact birthday is.  Note: Many of our sponsored kids have a birthday of January 1st listed. What that means is that World Vision and the child’s family may not know exactly when he or she was born.  One of the things WV is doing in these communities in Senegal is working with local leaders to get full citizenship rights for each child, which starts with them having access to birth certificates.

Soukeye is one of NINE children!  She is in school and her favorite subject is writing (it was mine, too).  She’s in good health, but her family is struggling because her father is currently unemployed.  Would you join me in praying that he finds good work in 2020? I hope you all bask in the joy of what Abenity has accomplished with World Vision this year and, of course, have a great weekend!