Celebrate Your Savings

Sponsored Kids – Mother’s Day Gifts

Happy Sponsored Kids Friday!  You know what just hit me?  Mother’s Day is just over 2 weeks away!  2020 is flying, folks.

I know a lot of us are pinching pennies right now, but there are still meaningful gifts to give the moms in your life that don’t break the bank!  Did you know you can give to World Vision, in ANY amount, in honor of someone else?  YEP.  Maybe this year, consider giving however much you can to one of World Vision’s funds in honor of your momma, your friend, your grandma, your aunt…or yourself!  You can also give specific items to children in your Mom’s name – chickens, clothes, mosquito nets, medicines, etc.  Check it out!

This week, let’s keep praying for Senegal and World Vision’s efforts to provide for families that may be effected by COVID-19.  Let’s also pray for the many mothers in the communities we support. Hope everyone has a great weekend!