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Sponsored Kids – Meet Woury

Happy Sponsored Kids Friday, friends!  

This week, we’ve had 2 members of our team in the hospital for varying reasons.  That made me think about what our friends in Senegal and other countries do when they need to go to the hospital.  For many families in these rural communities, accessing healthcare, clinics, and hospitals wouldn’t have been a possibility until World Vision came along.  Can you imagine how you would treat yourself or your family if you didn’t have access to clinics, over-the-counter medicines, and doctors? In many countries, World Vision has helped fund entire wards of hospitals, provided necessary healthcare training for staff, and even funded medicine and vaccines for the patients who can’t afford it without assistance.  In Senegal this year, mothers received training on basic preventative healthcare and nutrition, and WV provided trained healthcare workers to provide more children with check-ups. Because of their efforts, and the efforts of organizations like them, global health statistics are improving!  This article lists some encouraging stats (https://www.worldvision.org/health-news-stories/health-signs-progress-reasons-to-hope), but my favorite is this:

:medical_symbol: Since 1990, the rate of deaths for children under the age of 5 has dropped by 58% worldwide and the rate of women who die in childbirth has dropped 38%.  

WV has directly contributed to this amazing improvement by the things I mentioned above, as well as providing better nutrition for mothers and their babies, clean water sources, and better sanitation practices in the communities they serve.  How cool is it that we get to be a part of this?  

Thinking of the most vulnerable children in the rural communities we support, I thought I’d introduce you to one of our youngest sponsored kids this week.  Everyone, meet Woury!  Woury is only 3 years old and she lives in Lour Ribot, which is actually only in Phase One of WV’s development model.  That means the WV representatives have the support of community leaders to be there, but they are still listening to the needs of the people and coming up with plans for how best to help the community.  Like any 3 year old, she loves playing with dolls, and thankfully, she is in good health!  In the past, it would not have been a given that a child Woury’s age in her community would be healthy.  But now, her parents have been offered nutrition training to help make sure that Woury and her sister can grow healthy and strong.  I’m excited to see how our relationship with Woury and kids in Lour Ribot will grow and how their community will improve as World Vision moves on to their 2nd year there!

Things to pray for:
*Woury’s continued health
*Access to plenty of healthy food for Woury’s family and her whole community
*Continued positive relationship between World Vision and the community leaders in Lour Ribot.