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Sponsored Kids – Meet Yande

Happy Sponsored Kids Friday, all!

Today, we’re going to meet Yande!  Yande is the cutest little 7 year old in Niakhar, Senegal (it’s just science – look at her sweet face!).  She is in school and her favorite subject is drawing (extra cuteness points).  She loves to play with dolls, too.  I don’t know the full background story, but it seems that Yande is without her parents, as her aunt is raising her.  Her aunt however, is a housewife, so they struggle.  Whatever Yande’s start was, thank God she had a family member to take her in and provide her with a home.  And now, World Vision is a part of her life to help provide things that her aunt may not be able to provide.  In Yande’s case, being left without parents was not the end of the road – a close family member was able to step in and care for her, which is truly wonderful!  But that’s not always the case.

UNICEF estimates that there are 153 million orphans worldwide. As we’ve spoken about in the past, child labor and sex trafficking are major issues in Senegal, and as you can imagine, orphans are some of the most vulnerable individuals.  When we give to child protection, we are helping WV protect this exact population!
Maternal mortality is a major contributor to the worldwide orphan issue.  As we learned last week, that rate is down 38% between 2000 and 2017.  More mothers that survive childbirth = less orphans!
One of the reasons healthcare is so important is that having access to treatments for diseases that have been true burdens in Senegal, like Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS, literally keeps people alive.  With WV’s help and gifts to hospitals in their communities, medicine is more readily available, which means more families stay together.

We can’t measure the lives saved by World Vision, but the number must be staggering.  When you rescue and educate children, when you educate mothers and girls about sanitation and nutrition, and when you provide vital medicines and clinics to these communities, you are quite literally saving lives.  

We can’t change what happened to Yande’s family, but we can continue to sponsor her and her aunt, which will not only make their lives better, but the lives of those in their community.  This is not a light responsibility. This means we are committing to positively impact lives who will impact future generations.  I hope you all take that knowledge with you into the weekend, feeling proud of the way in which you’re contributing.  Please pray for these kids and the challenges they face.  Happy weekending, everyone!