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Sponsored Kids – Meet Youssoupha

Happy Sponsored Kids Friday, everyone! Today, let’s meet Youssoupha.

Youssoupha is 15 years old, born on April 21st, and lives in the Niakhar region of Senegal.  He loves to play soccer, loves to read, is healthy, and has 3 brothers and 2 sisters. He looks like a happy, fun kid. 🙂

As previously mentioned, there are many contributing factors to extreme poverty.  For all of our sakes, I want to dive into that a bit each week.  The point of this is so that we can fully understand why World Vision does what it does and so that we can understand the true impact our contributions are having in these areas. So, for starters, one of the contributing factors to extreme poverty is a lack of education.  In many of these rural areas World Vision reaches, there may not be a school in the local area, may not be enough books for each child in the community, or the child’s parents may not have the money to send him or her to school.  Additionally, a lack of education early on will affect these people as they become adults and parents.  When you combine a lack of education with illness and malnutrition (other components of poverty), you increase the number of parents who do not know how to best treat their sick children and therefore, risk having a high child mortality rate.  Many of the factors of extreme poverty are cyclical issues and are best prevented by good, early education.

In Youssoupha’s case, his favorite subject is reading and that’s actually really important news!  WV has been in Niakhar for over 18 years now and the effects they’ve had are tremendous.  Recently, they reported 26 reading clubs in Niakhar, which has inspired 1,400 kids (including Youssoupha) to be more committed to their education.  Additionally, WV has focused on educating mothers on good nutrition and, subsequently, 94% of children suffering from malnutrition have been fully rehabilitated.  What an exciting, valuable thing to be a part of!  

Think of the ways education has positively affected your life. Is there a teacher or a loved one who taught you in the past that you could reach out to and thank this week?