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Sponsored Kids – Meet

Happy Sponsored Kids Friday, everyone! 

First thing’s first – everyone, meet Ndjira!  Ndjira is 11 years old and lives in Niakhar, Senegal.  Ndjira’s family is made up of herself, her sister, and 2 parents (a farm laborer and a housewife).  You may not know, but before World Vision entered Niakhar, their schools barely had books at all and, if they did, there certainly weren’t enough for each child.  Because of sponsorships, that has changed just over the past couple of years.  Now, each kid gets their own book at school, which has led to better literacy rates and more kids legitimately loving reading.  In fact, that’s Ndjira’s favorite subject! 

Next, I wanted to share a letter I got from the very first kid I posted about on this channel – Aliou!  Aliou has written me a couple of times now, but this one is in reply to my “Happy New Year” letter.  I’m posting this because I did my best to explain to Aliou that I’m an employee of a company that sponsors him, so there are lots of people who care about him.  I was worried that with the language barrier, he may not understand…but he did, perfectly.  Enjoy reading!