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Sponsored Kids – New Sponsorships

Happy #sponsoredkids Friday, friends!  Today, I get to introduce you to a few new kids.  I’m highlighting several because I got some interesting letters about each of these kiddos this week that I wanted to share with you all.

I received 4 separate letters this week informing me that 4 of the kids we sponsored have had life changes that make them ineligible for sponsorship.  Of the 4, 3 of the kids have apparently moved away from their prior homes to go live with relatives.  World Vision explains, “In communities where we serve, families sometimes have to send their children to live with relatives when they deal with economic or personal challenges.”  On that note, let’s be sure to keep Ibrahima Ndour, Josephine Sarr, and Aissatou Faye in our prayers over the coming weeks.  Let’s pray that the transition is smooth, that they meet people who end up being friends or impacting their lives in positive ways, and that any fear would be replaced with excitement.  
The fourth child, Coumba Diouf, is no longer being sponsored for a happier reason: her family is now able to support themselves financially!!  This is amazing news and must be a huge relief to her parents and siblings.  Let’s pray that they continue to have success!

When children age out of the program, move away, or their families become financially stable, World Vision automatically assigns us new children to sponsor in their place.  All four new children to replace the children I just mentioned are from Senegal and I have their pictures and some info below.  So, who are they?

– Amy Ndiaye: 12 years old, likes playing w/ dolls (& Frozen, apparently), & loves to read.  
– Hawa Mballo: 5 years old, likes ball games, & helps at home by babysitting her brother & 3 sisters.
– Boydo Sabaly: 5 years old, likes ball games, & helps at home by running errands for his parents. 
– Awa Thiam: 13 years old, likes traditional Senegalese games, & loves studying literature. 

Challenge: Remember Ibrahima Ndour, Josephine Sarr, Aissatou Faye, and Coumba Diouf in your prayers as they face and celebrate a transitional period in their young lives. Also pray for our new kiddos, that they and their families would finally see a light at the end of the tunnel that is poverty and that they would successfully utilize the tools provided by World Vision.