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Are You Still Running Internet Explorer 8?

For a long time Internet Explorer 8 was the default web browser for the vast majority of PCs in the world. Released in 2009, it came pre-installed on systems running Windows 7 and was supported on earlier versions of the Microsoft operating system, like Windows Vista and Windows XP.

But that was five years ago, and as we all know technology moves at a lightning pace. Microsoft has already released Internet Explorer 11 as the latest version of their browser, and the company recently announced that they will soon cease support of IE8.

Why Does All This Matter?

We recently surveyed users of the Abenity Perks Program and found that 10% of our corporate clients are still running Internet Explorer 8 in their offices.

When we debuted the latest version of perks platform in June 2014 we added a ton of new advanced features that are simply not supported by older versions of web browsers. If your office is still using IE8, here’s some of the things you’re missing out on:

• No Responsive Layout Support: The new Abenity program uses Responsive Web Design (RWD) so that your perks program displays beautifully on any sized monitor. So whether your employees are blessed with dual 36″ inch monitors, or they’re making due on a 10″ laptop screen, the Abenity program is designed to look great.

Unless of course that computer is using IE8 – the site won’t be able to scale and transform proportionally, and the perks program will be difficult for your employees to navigate.

• No GPS Support: A central feature of the new Abenity program is an increased focus on local offers and geo-aware technology. Abenity gives members the option to share their location so we can easily serve up local offers to them. However, IE8 does not support GPS integration, leaving thousands of local perks inaccessible for your members.

• Insufficient Perks Program Technology Support: The new Abenity program features a number of dynamic and animated features that make browsing the perks program breeze. Our animated navigation menu, our pull-down application menu, and our Recommendations pages all rely on technology offered in later versions of web browsers. All of this will be missing, or worse, broken when viewed using IE8.

• Inadequate Graphics Support: Current web design standards allow developers to create beautiful graphics, intuitive user interfaces, and modern navigation techniques. But IE8 lacks the technological support that makes these graphical presentations possible.

Things as seemingly simple as color transparency, rounded corners, gradient colors, shadows, and icons will come across clunky and unusable in IE8 simply due to it’s use of antiquated web standards.

What Can Be Done If Our Company Uses IE8?

If you or your employees are currently using Internet Explorer 8 to access Abenity, we’d encourage you to upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer. Or transition to another supported web browser – we happen to like Firefox and Google Chrome. Here are a few links to get started:

• Internet Explorer 11: Download for Windows 8   Download for Windows 7

• Mozilla Firefox: Download for Windows and Mac

• Google Chrome: Download for Windows and Mac

We know that not everyone has privileges to download and install applications in a corporate environment. If that is the case for you and your employees, then we’d encourage you to petition your IT department lead to upgrade your company systems to the latest supported web browser. Not only will the Abenity Perks Program run better on a new browser, but so will every other website your employee accesses.

We’d invite you to send them a link to this post on the Abenity blog, and below are links to a few other resources that they may find helpful.



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