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Abenity Employee Discount Programs Are Engaging

Engaging your members and employees through the discount programs we provide is one of our top goals. But improving member and employee engagement takes hard work, repetition, consistency, trust, loyalty, flexibility and unique content.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be featuring our top engagement practices through the Abenity Insider so that you can learn how to maximize the use of our program to better engage your group.


Press Release: Abenity Lends A Helping Hand On The Heels Of 170% Annual Growth

Nashville based discount program provider Abenity (www.abenity.com) experienced 170% growth during 2010 thanks to significant membership gains and the addition of several key clients including the Vanderbilt Alumni Association, U.S. Bank, SCI and Kmart Pharmacy.

Keeping in the vein of the season of giving, Abenity celebrated the stellar year by giving back to their charity of choice, third-world humanitarian organization World Vision.


Lessons Learned: Lesson Two – Build a Product that Addresses the Root of a Company’s Need

We’re reviewing some of the things we have learned over the past several years of working in the world of employee discount programs. Lesson 2: Build a product that gets to the root of a company’s needs, not just one that satisfies their surface level desires. Companies have different reasons for wanting to provide an…


Lessons Learned: Lesson One – Recruit Discounts Employees Want… and Need

I’ve been working with employee discount programs for almost 8 years now, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s that employees are most interested in finding discounts on the things they love to do (such as watching movies and eating out) and the things they have to do (like buying groceries and keeping the…


Abenity in the News: How to Spot a Winning Idea

As featured today in the news, the Nashville Business Journal writes, “How do you spot a potential new business? Belmont professor Jeff Cornwall tells the story this morning of Abenity, a company that helps companies manage employee discount programs.” Writing on his blog, The Entrepreneurial Mind, he describes how Belmont alum Brian Roland recognized the…


What Is An Employee Discount Program?

Employee discount programs are generally included in a set of work-life benefit offerings included in the total compensation package for an employee. These programs seek to increase corporate loyalty, worker satisfaction and retention by providing benefits that go beyond the simple dollar figure of a salary.


Abenity Welcomes Vanderbilt University Alumni Association

I’m excited to welcome the Vanderbilt University Alumni Association and their 120,000 alumni to Abenity! Vanderbilt alumni now receive access to Abenity’s elite collection of local and national discounts from thousands of hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, retailers, florists, car dealers, theme parks, national attractions, concerts, and events. There are over 100,000 available discounts across more…