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What Makes Abenity’s Employee Perks & Benefits Program Different?

As an employee perks program provider Abenity aims to provide a cost-effective, flexible, and intuitive employee benefits and perks engagement platform.


Three Mistakes That Prevent Employee Engagement

Voluntary benefits, such as employee discount programs, can aid in our quest towards quality employee engagement. However, these three simple mistakes can often get in the way of preventing valuable employee engagement from happening.


Loyalty & Recognition Resources

Keeping your employees motivated and energized is made simple with the loyalty and recognition resources built into your Abenity Back Office. We’ve partnered with today’s leading loyalty specialists to equip you with the tools you need to reach out and recognize the people who make your organization successful.


Abenity’s Date-Based Recognition Emails Make it Easy to Show You Care When it Matters Most!

Keeping up with employees on their birthdays and corporate anniversaries is just one small way you can make sure they feel appreciated and valued in their job. But if you have a large staff, keeping up with hundreds or thousands of individual milestone dates – let alone remembering to send them a “Happy Birthday” wish – can be challenging. Abenity’s new Date-Based Recognition Email service make it easy to show you care!


Creating Your Exclusive Walled Garden

Your employee benefits strategy is of greatest legitimacy to your employee when you operate them within a closed system. Propelling forward the exclusive nature of working for your organization is critical to building corporate loyalty.