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Save Your Company Thousands with Abenity

Our clients know that Abenity offers over 100,000 discounts for their employees and members, but many don’t realize that we have discounts negotiated to save their business thousands of dollars as well. I’d like to feature a few of our business related discounts in this week’s Abenity Insider to encourage you and your purchasing departments…


Office Depot: Supplying the Tools of Everyday

When it comes to taking care business, a number of tools are necessary in the workplace and at home. In many cases we take these tools for granted but the need for pens, paper, telephones, and photocopiers is real and they all make significant contributions to us as we keep our lives organized, productive, and profitable. When it comes to supplying the fundamental needs of the corporate and home office, it’s wise to turn to Office Depot, one of the most recognized suppliers of office supplies and business products.