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The Roots of Employee Engagement: Planting With Honesty

It’s an old analogy: The roots support the tree, but if the roots are bad the tree will eventually topple.

We’ve been talking to clients recently about the need for a good foundation – a good root system – to incorporate effective employee engagement strategies into organizations. Every HR team wants to have a loyal workforce, but how do you get there? We’ve documented seven strategies that influence the root system of effective employee engagement and we’re going to take a look at all of them in coming weeks.

But to start, what’s the most important first step? Planting the seeds of engagement with honesty.

Making An Honest Assessment:

[postquote quote=”It’s easy to toss around phrases like engagement and loyalty… but by defining your motivations you can move forward with engagement strategies that are genuine and sincere.”]

Whether you’re about to make significant overhauls to the way you engage your employees, or if your system is just in need of some small tweaks, taking an honest look at your methodology is a good place to start. Going back to a roots and tree analogy, you want to plant with honesty. Honesty is the soil in which you cultivate true employee loyalty.

Hokey analogies aside, you need to take a good deep look at what it is you’re really trying to accomplish, and what your goals are for employee engagement.

Do you hope to cut costs or increase your bottom line? Do you simply have a love for your employees? Are there personal reasons you want to tackle this challenge, or is this an objective that has been handed down to you?

Is engaging your employees simply the right thing to do?

These are all reasons that shape your motivations for putting more focus on employee engagement strategies.

The Purpose Of An Honest Assessment:

The purpose behind this honest assessment is that you need to make employee engagement more than just a buzzword in your department. It’s easy to toss around phrases like “engagement” and “loyalty” without having a true understanding of your intentions – they just happen to sound good in HR culture. Only you can drill down to the important question of why in the context of your own company.

We can tell you that an engaged workforce is a more effective workforce. A loyal team increases your bottom line and protects you from dangerous external influences. And a positive work environment is an environment that lends well towards success, on both a corporate and individual level.

Your goal here is to define your motivations, as recognizing your motivations helps you move forward with genuine sincerity. Of all the areas of responsibility for Human Resources, the activities of employee engagement are at the greatest risk of appearing insincere. Perceived insincerity defeats the whole objective.

But when you have defined and know your reasons for pursuing an engaged employee base, your attitude changes immediately. You are propelled forward with a level of genuine focus that makes your pursuit of employee loyalty both defined and effective.

Action For Today:

Stop for a moment and make an honest assessment about your employee engagement goals. Write them down, analyze them, discuss them with your team and create a strategy that stays true to these intentions.



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