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Watch our “Top 5 Mobile App Features” member video

Abenity’s mobile app for iPhone (https://prks.co/iPhoneApp) and Android (https://prks.co/AndroidApp) keeps your perks and discounts with you at work, home, or on the go.

In this video you’ll learn how to keep up with this month’s featured offers, find nearby discounts, redeem offers in-store with mobile coupons, find and watch movie trailers, receive Perk Alerts of nearby offers, and more! At Abenity, #LifeHasPerks.

Watch Abenity’s new “Let Me Show You Around” Video

Brian Roland, Abenity’s co-founder and CEO, provides you with a high level overview of Abenity’s perks platform in this 3 minute “Let Me Show You Around” video.

Abenity offers over 300,000 private discounts and corporate rates on everything from pizza and the zoo, to movie tickets, oil changes, car rentals, and hotels.

On top of our savings network, you’ll get a glimpse of other perks included within our program, including Giveaways, Movie Showtimes & Trailers, our Vacation Planner, Wellness resources, and more!

New And Improved Program Flyers

We’ve launched a large number of new features over the last few weeks, so we decided it was also a great time for a new custom marketing flyer for our member or employee perks programs.

The new flyer is now available for you to download from within the Marketing Gallery of the Abenity Back Office.
When it comes to engagement, email still produces the best results, and flyers are perfect for break rooms, new hire kits, employee handbooks, benefits fairs, social events, and more!

If you’re looking for ways to better engage your group, then please let us know! We’d love to hop on a call to learn more about you and your goals.

6 New Features for Summer Savings

Continual learning and innovation are a core value here at Abenity, and after many months of planning, we’re proud to reveal several new features within our perks programs.

Last year we launched a new Perks Homepage within our member and employee perks programs, bringing all of our platforms (Discounts, Wellness, Movie Tickets, etc.), into a single dashboard.

Today, we’re excited to announce 6 new features for your perks experience!


Explore Perks With Featured Recommendations

(Top Offers, Buy a Vehicle, Pick a Park, Rent a Movie, Vacation Savings)

Find Perks Faster With Search Recommendations

Pin Favorites With One-Click

Watch Trailers With One-Click

Program Footer Includes Short-Cuts to Popular Pages

When scrolling down, “Back to Top” with One-Click 

The 2018 Summer Perks Report is here!

Within this report, we compare the savings offered by our industry’s top perks and discount providers, including AAA and AARP. Are you ready? Get set….  DOWNLOAD.

Disneyland discounts are back, and there’s an extra BIG surprise on Page 5!!


1) New Disneyland Discounts!!
2) New & Updated Savings Data
3) Behind the Curtain: Business Model Comparison
4) Feature Checklist, How Does the Industry Stack Up?
5) Why Perks: Key Industry Statistics
6) Utilization Stats & User Demographics

NOTE: This is an internal report that we use to insure our discounts are the best of the best.

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Take a Self-Guided Tour of Abenity

With these short videos led by Brian Roland, Abenity’s Co-Founder and CEO, you’ll learn more about how we do things here at Abenity and why we care so much about perks. After viewing, you’ll have free access to tour our program, download our mobile apps, and check out our perks.

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Enjoy a side-by-side comparison of our discounts against other providers in our industry, including AAA and AARP.

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