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2 Videos to Get You Started with Abenity

If you’re interested in offering perks to your members, alumni, or employees, then please take a minute to learn more about how we do things here at Abenity and why we care so much about perks.

Abenity’s Co-Founder & CEO shares about Perks Made Simple.



Meet the Co-Founders of Abenity and learn how two brothers are reinventing corporate perks programs.



Thanks for watching! If you have questions or are interested in a demo, please email sales@abenity.com.

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Dynamic Solutions Added to the Abenity Help Desk

We’ve made our support system “smarter” by providing dynamically suggested help topics for members.

What’s a dynamically suggested help topic?

As members begin to type in their support ticket, our help desk will recognize the subject of their request and immediately display relevant support solutions. Hopefully they’ll discover the answer they’re looking for right there, and instead of having to submit a support ticket, they’ll be pleased to have received an immediate solution.

Try it out to see it in action! Go to our Support page and type “I need help logging in” as the subject of your request. You’ll see answers immediately displayed in the sidebar to the right.

Members can access the Abenity Help Desk inside their Perks program, and at support.abenity.com.

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Receive Perk Alerts on the Abenity iPhone App

We’ve just released an update to the Abenity Perks iPhone app that allows you to receive geo-relevant push notifications anytime you’re close to a retailer that offers an Abenity perk!

We call them Perk Alerts, and it’s a handy way to make sure you’re saving money when you’re out and about. Strolling downtown with the family on a weekend? Check your phone to see if you’ve received a Perk Alert – there might be a restaurant nearby where you can save money! Shopping for the kids? A Perk Alert just might lead you to that perfect deal!

To enable Perk Alerts on your app, open the Menu, then navigate to My Account > Settings. Make sure Perk Alerts is set to the ‘On’ position to receive notifications of nearby offers.

Don’t have the iPhone app yet? Download it for free!

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Welcome Emails Now Feature Mobile Access

The day your new member registers with the Abenity Perks Program is the most critical, and important day – if they aren’t blown away by the experience, or have trouble using the program, they’re likely to never return.

Our New Member Welcome Email answers a lot of the questions a new member will have on their first day using Abenity… How do I log in? What’s my username? Is there an iPhone app?

The redesigned Welcome Email that we launched this month helps members navigate Abenity and get the most out of their new perks program. It’s personalized for the organization, and specific to the member. It also places special emphasis on the new Abenity iPhone app with an easy download link so they can keep perks within reach at all times.

Check out the new design below!

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Time To Update Your Abenity Intranet & Email Announcements

As we move into open enrollment season, now is a great time to update the online marketing materials for your Abenity program. To encourage ongoing registrations and engagement, it’s important that your instructions and marketing for Abenity are clear and easy to find.

We provide intranet posts and email templates in our Back Office Marketing Gallery to help you do just that. They’re easy to integrate, and offer a personalized and branded way to promote your perks. We’ve recently updated these materials to underscore a number of new key features, so be sure to update these in your marketing materials:

New Features to Highlight:

The launch of our new Abenity Perks iPhone app
Availability of Mobile Coupons & eTickets On Demand
Find showstimes and watch trailers on the Movie Showtimes page
And now over 302,000 perks nationwide thanks to the ongoing expansion of our savings network!

Did You Know?

Personalized marketing at your fingertips is great… but wouldn’t it be cool if your marketing materials automatically updated as new Abenity perks and features are added? Our javascript snippet does just that, and are easily integrated on any intranet or internet page. Just copy and paste the code provide in our Back Office and you won’t have to make anymore manual updates!

Here’s an example of our intranet / email posting available inside our Back Office.

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Take a Self-Guided Tour of Abenity

With these short videos led by Brian Roland, Abenity’s Co-Founder and CEO, you’ll learn more about how we do things here at Abenity and why we care so much about perks. After viewing, you’ll have free access to tour our program, download our mobile apps, and check out our perks.

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