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Check Out Abenity’s Newest Features

At Abenity, we take pride in our ability to quickly innovate and deliver new features for our clients and members. In case you missed the announcements along the way, here’s a list of our most recent innovations as we strive to see Perks Made Simple.

August 2017 – Integrated Design Specs

The exact details you need to implement our 20+ customization and branding options are at your fingertips! Just click on the new “Design Specs Icon” for recommendations and specifications.

July 2017 – ForceTouch Shortcut for iPhone

With a single touch, access nearby offers, movie showtimes, and tutorials by firmly pressing the app icon on your phone’s home screen.

June 2017 – Popular Vendors Widget

Enjoy a shortcut to savings on Abenity’s most popular perks & discounts with the following new features! 

     – At the Movies: Find movies, watch trailers, view showtimes, & buy eTickets.

     – Grocery Coupons: Download & print hundreds of free manufacturer coupons.

     – Book a Hotel: Search for savings in any city and book your next hotel.

     – Book a Cruise: Explore our international inventory and book your next cruise.

     – Auto Buying: Save over $3,000 on your next new or used car.

May 2017 – Newest Offer Labels

Quickly scan and see New Offers with our New Offer label. 

April 2017 – Deep Link to Offers

This new feature is available within the sharing widget of every offer and allows you to securely deep link into any offer within your perks program.

Here are some quick ideas for using deep links:
– Add a “Make it a Movie Night!” link in your email signatures or intranet homepage
– Feature a new discount monthly in your internal newsletters
– Promote specific offers on your social media pages or internal Slack channels

March 2017 – Rotating Homepage Banners

We’ve introduced rotating homepage banners to help your members view more savings within a single page view. With this new feature you may now rotate up to 3 of your own custom homepage banners.


February 2017 – New Perks Homepage

Watch Our Introduction Video

Abenity’s new Perks homepage brings together more than 15 new customization and branding options.

Simple Back Office Controls

Perks Video Background & Custom Return Link

Custom Title, Tagline, & Welcome Message

Savings Calculator Widget

Perks Comparison Widget

Additional features include our Movie Showtimes Widget, Wellness Basics Widget, Getting Started Tutorial Slides, Feature Category Rows, Weekly Giveaways Widget, Back Office Shortcut Widget, Weekly Savings Webinar, and Quick Access to Download Apps for iPhone, Android, & Windows Phones.

January 2017 – #LifeHasPerks Giveaways Integration

August 2016 – Perks Alerts in iPhone & Android Apps

January 2016 – Perks Comparison Report

See how our direct-to-member pricing cuts out those pesky middleman fees to deliver you more savings.

January 2015 – Movie Showtimes, Trailers, and Reviews

January 2014 – Developer Resources

Create advanced applications that integrate with Abenity’s discounts, implement single sign on solutions, and monitor our service alerts.

June 2013 – High Definition Client Logos

We are proud to feature your brand at it’s best on high definition devices.

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2 Videos to Get You Started with Abenity

If you’re interested in offering perks to your members, alumni, or employees, then please take a minute to learn more about how we do things here at Abenity and why we care so much about perks.

Abenity’s Co-Founder & CEO shares about Perks Made Simple.



Meet the Co-Founders of Abenity and learn how two brothers are reinventing corporate perks programs.



Thanks for watching! If you have questions or are interested in a demo, please email sales@abenity.com.

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Dynamic Solutions Added to the Abenity Help Desk

We’ve made our support system “smarter” by providing dynamically suggested help topics for members.

What’s a dynamically suggested help topic?

As members begin to type in their support ticket, our help desk will recognize the subject of their request and immediately display relevant support solutions. Hopefully they’ll discover the answer they’re looking for right there, and instead of having to submit a support ticket, they’ll be pleased to have received an immediate solution.

Try it out to see it in action! Go to our Support page and type “I need help logging in” as the subject of your request. You’ll see answers immediately displayed in the sidebar to the right.

Members can access the Abenity Help Desk inside their Perks program, and at support.abenity.com.

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Receive Perk Alerts on the Abenity iPhone App

We’ve just released an update to the Abenity Perks iPhone app that allows you to receive geo-relevant push notifications anytime you’re close to a retailer that offers an Abenity perk!

We call them Perk Alerts, and it’s a handy way to make sure you’re saving money when you’re out and about. Strolling downtown with the family on a weekend? Check your phone to see if you’ve received a Perk Alert – there might be a restaurant nearby where you can save money! Shopping for the kids? A Perk Alert just might lead you to that perfect deal!

To enable Perk Alerts on your app, open the Menu, then navigate to My Account > Settings. Make sure Perk Alerts is set to the ‘On’ position to receive notifications of nearby offers.

Don’t have the iPhone app yet? Download it for free!

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Welcome Emails Now Feature Mobile Access

The day your new member registers with the Abenity Perks Program is the most critical, and important day – if they aren’t blown away by the experience, or have trouble using the program, they’re likely to never return.

Our New Member Welcome Email answers a lot of the questions a new member will have on their first day using Abenity… How do I log in? What’s my username? Is there an iPhone app?

The redesigned Welcome Email that we launched this month helps members navigate Abenity and get the most out of their new perks program. It’s personalized for the organization, and specific to the member. It also places special emphasis on the new Abenity iPhone app with an easy download link so they can keep perks within reach at all times.

Check out the new design below!

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