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When U.S. Bank was in need of a new employee perks program, they wanted a solution with national reach and local relevance. With over 70,000 employees at branch locations in communities across the country, they wanted to provide team members with a high-touch, customized perks program, and discounts on a local level. Here's how they did it:

We chose Abenity for their focus on local offers. That paired with their location-aware technology makes it easy for our employees to access discounts in their own communities, and offers more value than generic online deals for free shipping.

Bill Picha, Project Manager

Abenity offers over 302,000 perks in 10,000 cities across the country, and we’re adding more every month. Our Community Development team is constantly focused on building new merchant relationships and adding additional perks to the program. Our ongoing focus on building a comprehensive network of discounts in strategic cities across the country appealed to U.S. Bank, as did the local focus of our program, making it easy for them to roll out a Perks program to a national employee base that maintained relevance in cities across the country.

The Abenity Perks Program is accessible on any device, and recognizes your current location so that it’s easy to filter through hundreds of offers quickly and find the discounts that are closest to you. So whether an employee is looking for a lunch spot close to U.S. Bank's headquarters in Minneapolis, or a branch employee is trying to find that perfect restaurant in Phoenix for an evening out, the options are just a click away.

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University alumni associations have the challenging task of keeping in touch with an ever growing population of alums who often move to far reaches of the country after graduation. Biola University's Alumni Association needed a compelling way to stay in front of their alumni. And the Abenity Perks Program has proven to be the perfect vehicle to keep their former students active in the University community.

Moving our Alumni Perks Program to Abenity is one of the best decisions Biola's Alumni Office has made. Their program has enabled us to better server our alumni, both locally and nationally.

Don Bernstein, Administrator

One of the key goals for the Biola Alumni Association is to motivate alumni to become longterm ambassadors for the school, equipping them to serve as feet-on-the-ground recruiters for future Biola students. The Abenity Perks Program is helping them accomplish this with a program that makes perks administration and communication simple.

The Abenity program has been easy to adopt, easy to manage, and easy for our alumni to access and use. The range of perks and discounts offered within the perks program is huge, and the intuitive presentation to our members has been enthusiastically received. As a result, we're also discovering that our alumni are becoming even more receptive to other University communications, which is a big plus.

The best part: Even with a small Alumni Office staff, launching and promoting the Biola Alumni Perks Program has been incredibly simple and has required very little work on the part of the University team.

Biola University is laying a foundation for consistent and meaningful interaction with their alumni. And their Alumni Perks Program will serve as a relevant touchpoint for years to come, whether their grads live near the campus in Southern California, or move across the country.

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Gifts, Prizes, & Incentives

Meridian Health takes the concept of communicating perks & benefits to a new level of fun with their quarterly staff forums. The New Jersey based health plan provider regularly purchases AMC movie theater tickets in bulk from the Abenity Rewards & Recognition Store, and uses the tickets as prizes during staff meetings.

Supporting Meridian Health’s fun and engaging take on employee perks is a robust technology platform that equips their Human Resources team to manage dozens of exclusively negotiated perks on a centralized platform, and makes it easy to communicate perks to an employee base of 10,000 team members.

Abenity’s Perks programs are built scale for large organizations, while fulfilling the specific and varied creative engagement needs of each organization.

We use the AMC tickets as giveaways for our team members during staff forums as a gift for attending the meeting. Not everyone gets a ticket -- we randomly put the tickets under the seats for each forum and a few lucky attendees get to see a movie that weekend on us! Abenity makes it easy to reward and recognize our employees, and with Abenity’s bulk discount on tickets and gift cards, we’re able to stay within budget on employee incentives.

Pati Caldwell, Manager, Human Resources

Abenity provides our team with access to several hundred local discounts, and thousands of national perks. Our employees love that we provide them with a one-stop shop for discounts, and our HR team loves how easy it is to manage this program for them.

Wendy Edelson, Director, Human Resources

Advanced Features

Recognition Emails

An easy - but often overlooked - way to increase loyalty in an organization is by simply recognizing employees on days that are special to them. Abenity offers the opportunity to do this through our Recognition Email service, a tool that Belmont University has used for several years to honor employees on their birthdays and corporate anniversaries.

Each day an email is automatically triggered from Belmont’s Human Resources team, by Abenity, to employees who are celebrating their birthday or corporate anniversary. It’s a simple but effective way to let employees know that you appreciate their work, and that you’re honored to have them on your team.

Abenity’s Recognition Emails have been a huge success for us. With over a thousand University employees, it’s difficult to individually recognize each and every person on their special day - but Abenity makes that possible. It’s just another way we’re able to add perks to working at Belmont University, and Abenity makes that very easy.

Donna Gwaltney, Human Resources

Abenity’s Recognition Emails are fun, custom designed, personalized, and private-labeled greeting cards. Belmont University customized their Recognition Emails through Abenity’s Back Office by drafting a personalized message that is sent to each staff member throughout the year.

Abenity A

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Missy Dunn, Director of Sales

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