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Offering a fresh approach to corporate perks and discounts

With easy mobile access and the deepest discounts in our industry, your members will love our perks as much as we do!


We’re helping companies of every size tackle engagement and retention challenges with our branded employee discount programs. We’ve designed Abenity with over $4,500 in available savings, stretching employee paychecks further than ever.

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Your annual dues have met their ROI. With an Abenity Discount Program, it’s easy to show your members a quick return on their investment in your organization.

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Alumni Groups

With discounts in over 10,000 U.S. cities, an Alumni Discount Program offers a way for you to reconnect with past students in their current communities. Plus, by customizing your registration page, you’ll acquire valuable insights and fresh information from every member, securing the value of your relationship for years to come.

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Customer Loyalty Programs

Customers can be here today and gone tomorrow. Our branded Loyalty Programs are designed to help you more personally connect with your customers while featuring your products and services among the savings opportunities we feature on a monthly basis.

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Agent Rewards

Abenity’s Agent Rewards Program is designed as an excellent closing gift allowing independent real estate agents, financial planners, and mortgage brokers to regularly stay in front of their customers without redundant self-promotion. On top of the discounts offered, we help you accept referrals, connect on social media, and promote your own services!

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We’ve partnered with the best fundraising companies in the United States and Canada to bring your group on-site fundraising support from our line of Savings Pass discount cards. With easy mobile access and over 302,000 offers, you and your patrons will never be far from savings.

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I’m Missy Dunn, our V.P. of Client Sales here at Abenity. I’d love to know more about your organization and discuss how we can help with your member, alumni, or employee perks. Let’s talk!

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With these short videos led by Brian Roland, Abenity’s Co-Founder and CEO, you’ll learn more about how we do things here at Abenity and why we care so much about perks. After viewing, you’ll have free access to tour our program, download our mobile apps, and check out our perks.

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Enjoy a side-by-side comparison of our discounts against other providers in our industry, including AAA and AARP.

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