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A Deeper Look: The Abenity Back Office – My Account

The Abenity Back Office is where you can manage every aspect of your Abenity Perks & Benefits program, and much of that management takes place in the My Account tab. This week we’re going to take a deeper look at the My Account page and review some of the key tools and features we have upgraded for you here.

A Quick Guide – My Account Page Overview

Once you log in to your Back Office at http://backoffice.abenity.com you can access your main settings and preferences by selecting the My Account tab in the navigation.

The Abenity Back Office allows you to fully manage your account information, branding preferences, and settings in real time. On the My Account page you can upgrade your program to include additional features for your members, pay outstanding invoices, set up automatic monthly recurring payments. and much more.

The left hand navigation of the My Account page gives you links to update your Info & Settings, Make A Payment, Manage Members, access the Marketing Gallery, and Track Participation.

Managing Your Account Info

The default view inside My Account, showing Info & Settings, will give you options to control program level information, such as your address, billing preferences, program branding options, and content restrictions. Look for the sub-navigation menu on the far right hand side of the screen to make the following selections:

Account Information

View & Upgrade Plan: Displays your current Abenity Perks & Benefits program plan level, as well as options for upgrading to advanced programs.

Account Profile: Set your corporate / organization address and provide other key program level information.

Personal Profile: Adjust the settings for your own personal program administrator Abenity account.

Personal Profile: Determine your billing name and method of payment for your Abenity program. You may also pay your program fee by selecting Make a Payment [go] in the left hand navigation.

Discount Program

Program Branding: Upload a new logo, change your color scheme, and select your social network options.

Registration Method: Determine how members can opt into your perks program and set the security level for platform registration.

Content Restrictions: Turn Wellness Rewards and Abenity Concierge on or off; restrict specific offer categories from populating in your discount program; select which email communications you would like your members to receive from your Perks & Benefits program.

Manage Your Members

Abenity makes it simple for you to manage your members, program administrators, and provider administrators. Click Manage Members [go] in the left hand navigation pane to view your existing members, import new members, and export a file of your current members.

You can also upgrade members of your program to be Program Administrators. These administrative level members will have full access to your Abenity Back Office along with the ability to make changes to your Perks & Benefits program.

A second level of administrative access can be given to Provider Administrators. These could be individuals on your team to whom you would like to delegate the ability to manage and load discount offers into your program, but who you do not want to have full Back Office access.

Marketing Gallery

One of our favorite new features of the Back Office is the redesigned Marketing Gallery, giving you a number of tools to promote your Perks & Benefits program and communicate with your members.

Abenity’s Marketing Gallery makes it easy for you to educate your members about the many benefits and features available to them. We recommend you get started by creating a benefits page on your intranet and sending out an announcement email. Once you’ve launched, try to promote the program at least quarterly with internal emails, newsletter articles and flyers.

Track Participation

It’s important to monitor your program engagement by tracking new registrations, monthly logins, and email subscriptions. Understanding how your members use and respond to your discount program will help you discover which of your internal communication methods are working best. On the Track Participation page you’ll be able to view the most popular offers in your program, monitor program registrations, track logins, and view email communication subscription rates.

To gain a fuller understanding of how to put these stats to use, we recommend checking out our recent article on measuring engagement with your Abenity program.

Up Next…

Next week we’ll take a look at the Perks & Discounts page and the options to manage your discount program. Until then, be sure you take a look at our recent Back Office overview and screencast.



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