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Sponsored Kids – Meet Malang

Happy Sponsored Kids Friday, everyone!  Hope you all are doing well and aren’t too stir-crazy during quarantine. Today, we get to meet a precious new little friend!  Everyone, this is Malang. He is from a region of Senegal that we haven’t previously sponsored many kids from – Thietty and Sare Bidji.  Geographically speaking, this area…


Sponsored Kids – Meet 4 New Friends

Happy Sponsored Kids Friday! I have 2 things to tell you about today!  First, if you get World Vision’s emails, you may have seen this stat, but I wanted to share it here for the sake of those that don’t.  World Vision works all over the world, including the United States!  Since the COVID-19 closures,…


Sponsored Kids – Meet Valentin

Happy Sponsored Kids Friday!  You know what just hit me?  Mother’s Day is just over 2 weeks away!  2020 is flying, folks. I know a lot of us are pinching pennies right now, but there are still meaningful gifts to give the moms in your life that don’t break the bank!  Did you know you…


Sponsored Kids – Meet

Happy Sponsored Kids Friday, everyone!  First thing’s first – everyone, meet Ndjira!  Ndjira is 11 years old and lives in Niakhar, Senegal.  Ndjira’s family is made up of herself, her sister, and 2 parents (a farm laborer and a housewife).  You may not know, but before World Vision entered Niakhar, their schools barely had books…